On Books







Trailing fingers on ragged edges
breathing in your secret scent,
anticipating the treasure hidden
with hands trembling with excitement.

Waiting for the words to come
to ignite the senses and imagination,
transporting soul into another world
to see the world in a different light.

What secrets do you wish to share
with every twist and turn?
Your captivating words do ensnare
leaving me wanting and waiting for more.

Can’t wait to reach the end
the ride was well worth it,
fell in love then learned to hate
wished your story never had to end.
-Β©The Elusive Scribe 031714-


Story Teller

She writes of her dreams on every page of her book,
her mindless scribbling echoing in the day.
By night she sits by the fire reading her jumbled thoughts,
putting together fragments of images in her mind,
until they become a story she can tell,
to the friendly shadows that wait.
She beckons them to come closer,
the darkness where her friends hide.
You can see the blackness pressing in on her,
yet she smiles that knowing smile,
the fire from the hearth still glowing bright.
She opens her mouth to tell her tale,
of shadows that whisper old forgotten tales.
You can feel the darkness basking in delight.
She remembers them you see, especially how they came to be,
the darkness that you and I fear,
when we were young with imagination running free.
She speaks of forgotten lore and magic spells,
of languages long gone and broken,
threading her whispered tales upon the crackling flame,
the darkness slowly backing away.
For the night is done and her words are all slurred.
Tonight she will dream again and tomorrow she will write.

-The Elusive Scribe 020713-


Down to a Sunless Sea

Just a quick post about a short story made by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman. The title of his work is “Down to a Sunless Sea” and was posted at the Guardian. I can’t help but admire his writing skills not to mention the way he thinks. The first book I’ve read which he wrote was American Gods and it was love at first reading.

I was fortunate to meet the man himself when he went to the Philippines for his book signing and I was one of the hundreds of people who hugged him to death. πŸ˜€ For those who want to read something new, you might want to try his books. I would have to warn you though, his books can be quite addicting to read. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


Down the Road

Down the Road

Walk with me down the road
and share with me your story.
I’ll tell you mine if you are ready
let’s not keep secrets you and I.
This path we take is for us
to discover the truth in us.

Walk with me down the road
let us learn more about each other.
Share with me your stories old
your ups even your downs.
Don’t be afraid I won’t judge you
you see, I have the same fears.

Walk with me down the road
let us be strangers no more.
What I am I will share with you
and you I’ll keep with me
for at the end of the road we’ll find
whether we are destined to be.





Soft dawn is breaking
I hear the birds readying for the morning
the sun is slowly creeping
over the mountains it keeps on climbing.

I rouse myself from the deepest slumber
thinking thoughts and not of blunder
I turn on the shower
and stepped into the coldness of water.

I woke up to a new day
yesterday’s pain is not of today
there is no reason why I should sway
from my dreams and goals of yesterday.

For the morning offers a new beginning
so I will start my day right by smiling.
I will think of the morning sun that is so beguiling
and be inspired, be an inspiration and be a blessing.





Wishes, oh, wishes
let them happen to me.
I wish for the starlight
to bring you to me.
In these arms of mine
let me show you,
that love tastes like
strawberries on
such delicious lips .

Wishes, oh, wishes
let them be granted, oh please.
I wish for endless nights
and mornings with thee.
for today I’m on my own
but tomorrow is unknown
I’ll wait for my wishes
let them hear my wishes
until they lead you to me.