It Was

It was the way you held my hand
and how you gazed into my eyes,
that caused this heart to beat so frantically.
It was that smile you gave me
and the way you caressed my face
that sent shivers down my spine.
It was the way you spoke to me
and the way you stood proud beside me
that made me fall in love so easily.
It was the way you sit in silence
and the way you listened to me
that taught me that I am never alone.
It was the way you made me laugh
and how you eased the frown from my brows
that made me want you even more.
It was the way you kissed me softly
and the way you hold me close to your heart
that told me that I’m quite lucky
having you in my life.

-eamarifosque 073113-


Dream King


You sit on your throne watching in silence
the dreams of dreamers as they fall asleep.
As night slowly comes and deepens by the hour,
the breath of deep sleep stirs from within.
You cast your dream dust on eyes that are closed,
giving life to their wildest imaginations.
You smile with amusement as their dreams come alive,
transforming themselves into nightmares that haunt their waking minds,
until they wake up screaming and sweating, unable to fall asleep.
How sad it must have been, not to be able to catch some zees,
but then again you are the Dream King, the watcher of dreams.
Sleep is not for you for your power lies in the dreaming.
And so you sit on your throne in silence, with a smile playing on your lips,
watching the dreams of dreamers as they sleep.

-The Elusive Scribe 073013-


Under the Bridge


When shadows loom only do I appear,
for daylight is not a friend that I often seek.
The darkness of the night hides me and my wretched body,
away from prying eyes that tend to seek
the creature living under the old battered bridge.
By day I’m not around, only at night do I feel sound,
but when I do climb out, I often see sad writings
written on the walls of the bridge that I call home.
By morning I often hear, the tell tale sounds of feet pattering,
light of step or heavy with burden, I hear them all like music to my ears.
But the night is my time, where my hunger needs to be satisfied.
I can hear footfalls coming closer as my stomach begins to rumble,
all I can think of is what a tasty treat that comes my way,
I’ll save its bones for later, to feed the rest of the mouths that cling to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 072813-


Caged Bird


Locked behind steel bars that surround me,
cold and uncaring, holding me within.

Wings clipped so I can’t fly free, all that I do is sing in my misery.
I can taste the sweetness of the air, every time they put me by the window.
Watching tree tops sway and dance with the breeze,
ruffling my feathers that’s all I’ll ever feel.
The smell of damp earth filling my senses,
as raindrops start to fall from storm clouds they call home.
Yet not a single drop do I get to taste,
as I sit inside my lonely cage.
How wonderful it would be to dance in the rain,
but I am not my own master, for I am locked away.
All that I could ever do is gaze forlornly by the window,
dreaming of flying free along with the butterflies and bees.
Hoping one day I’ll taste the sweetness called life,
beyond these steel bars which I am imprisoned in,
singing songs of beauty, life and love,
instead of humming tunes that breaks this lonely heart.

-The Elusive Scribe 072613-



This is where I belong, right by your side,
walking with you even on roads you dislike.
I’ll be your companion, your friend, your light,
there’s nothing to be afraid of, no matter what your plight.
I’ll protect you from your shadows,I’ll bear any hurt you feel,
as long as I see you standing tall and unafraid, I’ll be happy as can be.
I’ll hold your hand so you won’t falter, I’ll pick you up when you fall down,
because there is no reason why you should feel alone,
even if you think there’s no one around,
for I’ll always be with you, even though we’re miles apart.
I’ll wipe away the tears that fall from your eyes that perceive,
a different kind of world that you had gladly shown to me.
In everything that you do, I’ll always be with you.
I’ll take care of you, my sweet, because you mean everything to me.

-eamarifosque 072613-



As I cradle your face in the palms of my hands,
and gaze into your eyes that peer into mine,
I feel lost, untethered and floating.
For in those depths I see the rawness of your being,
the hunger that screams from the soul within,
trying to break free from the bonds that shackle it
and it seems to me that I am the one who holds the
Dare I release the beast locked up inside
or let it roar and rage chained to your being?
Will I let myself be consumed with its passion
or do I have the power to bring it to its knees?
I can see my fears reflected in your beautiful eyes,
afraid I won’t be able to tame the wildness in you,
but I can be brave when it comes to love.
Shall we test the waters then my sweet?
For this kiss I’ll give will set you free.
So come closer dear and close your eyes,
let my lips unchain the beast within.

-eamarifosque 072513-


You Are Beauty


When you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see,
just remember you are beauty in every way that you can be.
Your hair may be unruly, your eyes may not be your best,
but that smile on your lips will definitely outshine the rest.
Your nose can be too broad or your feet too small,
but these are the things that make you different, accept them all.
Perfection isn’t necessary, you are beauty in your own way,
no matter what flaws you see, they’re the things that make you unique.
If change is what you want, change the flaws in your character,
for exterior beauty can fade but what’s inside you
you will bring until you lie in your grave.

-The Elusive Scribe 072513-