When Love Attacks











“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks
simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.” – Lao Tzu

Love indeed is the strongest,
always striking three times
the head, the senses and the heart,
leaving you a prisoner of chaos and passion.

Its sound resounds loud and clear,
reverberating to your very being,
the ecstasy flowing through your fingertips
taking you further than you’ve ever been.

It transforms you into an unexpected poet
as you write of the passion that stirs
with every thunderous beat of your heart
into words that your lips and eyes wish to speak of.

It changes you without warning, slowly but surely,
like the incoming tide on the sandy shore,
washing away bits and pieces of who you are,
yet polishing you into scarred perfection.

It is cruel at times but there is room for sweetness,
though a bitter taste can linger when its taken for granted,
there are still other spices to stir love’s concoction with
that will dilute the aftertaste of love forsaken.

Love indeed is the strongest, for it can make and unmake you,
bind and break you, wound and heal you,
destroy and rebuild you, capture and release you,
and it goes on and on, never faltering, timeless as time itself.

-©eamarifosque 021714-


That moment when our eyes first met
your words hypnotized the very thoughts in me
tying them up like knots on a string
how can i think coherently?
What magic is this that drives me on
wanting, needing and craving for more?
your touch that glides like butterfly wings,
your kiss that ignites the passion within.
how wonderful it would be to wake up
wrapped in the warmth of your arms,
knowing that I’m safe and secure in your love.
What would I give to make them all come true,
transform these dreams into my reality?

-eamarifosque 120213-



As I cradle your face in the palms of my hands,
and gaze into your eyes that peer into mine,
I feel lost, untethered and floating.
For in those depths I see the rawness of your being,
the hunger that screams from the soul within,
trying to break free from the bonds that shackle it
and it seems to me that I am the one who holds the
Dare I release the beast locked up inside
or let it roar and rage chained to your being?
Will I let myself be consumed with its passion
or do I have the power to bring it to its knees?
I can see my fears reflected in your beautiful eyes,
afraid I won’t be able to tame the wildness in you,
but I can be brave when it comes to love.
Shall we test the waters then my sweet?
For this kiss I’ll give will set you free.
So come closer dear and close your eyes,
let my lips unchain the beast within.

-eamarifosque 072513-


If I Could


If I could wake up to the sound of your voice
calling me for breakfast,
I will jump out of bed without pause
because I know you’re waiting for me.

If I could call you up any time I want
and listen to your voice that makes me melt,
I will not hang up at all but spend the day
trading stories with you.

If I could laugh at our silly antics
while listening to that deep chuckle of yours,
I know I will never have any reason at all
to shed tears of sadness when I’m with you.

If I could hear you whisper my name
with such longing and passion,
I will not waste another minute at all
but I will find a way to be with you.

If I could close my eyes with the thought
that I will wake up to your voice,
I will gladly kiss you goodnight
and whisper, “I love you.”

-eamarifosque 052913-


Fire and Ice


Cool and composed you appear to be
as the temperature drops with your icy gaze.
Yet I can feel the fire slowly starting,
whenever you turn your eyes my way.
How can I resist the smile that is forming
on these lips as I hold those eyes with mine?
You can play cool and detached all you want
but this I tell you true.
I will break that cool facade of yours,
smash it to bits, unmake and unman you.
I will reshape and remake you,
with fire and passion from these hands.
I will breathe new life to your soul
that you’ve forgotten for so long.
I will make it yearn to live with the fires of love,
while I break it free from its icy prison.
I will melt your indifference with heat,
that only comes with this love that burns,
until you understand that your cold demeanor
is no match with the fire that I can conjure.

-eamarifosque 052813-


Delight in the Darkness


We revel under the blackness of the night,
where shadows play and fires burn,
on flesh tattooed with hearts entwined,
all but invisible to the naked eye.

We dance to senseless music that plays
in the background of our hungry minds,
swaying to the beat of pumping blood,
that flow like raging liquid heat inside.

We sing our thoughts out loud to the sky,
with passion and ecstasy combined,
our sweat covered bodies do shine,
against the sleeping darkness of the night.

-The Elusive Scribe 051313-


Counting the Days


Counting the days till I make love to you,
this hunger in me you have brought to life.
With mere thoughts you’ve invaded me
my body aching, yearning for your touch.

You’ve drawn out the other side of me,
the one who controls passion and desire.
It wants its time now and forever,
eager to taste the love you are offering.

When the day comes that I give you me
hold me in your arms and don’t let go.
Kiss me with tenderness you are hiding within
and I’ll show you love like never before.



Surrender to Me


Surrender to me your most intimate thoughts,
the hunger in you I will try to satiate,
with every touch that burns and sears the flesh,
imprinting ourselves into one another.

Surrender to me those passionate kisses,
and I will answer them with my own need,
for the night will go slow for the both of us,
until we reach the pinnacle of our dreams.

Surrender to me your heart that is hidden,
and mine I will give to you as you please,
I am yours in every way, my love,
and for this I choose you for eternity.




Poet come hither and let me hear,
the words that flow from your mouth to my ear.
Let me be your muse for the night,
and I will gladly pay you for this delight,
for the verses that flow from your mind,
are like honeyed nectar without kind.

Poet come nearer and whisper to me,
the verses you’ve written for my eyes to see.
I’ll touch them with love and reverence,
for they bring me comfort with such benevolence.
You see I crave for the passion derived from thee,
when you speak in stanzas on love so free.



A Woman, Yours and Only

Treat her right and you might find
something you’ve never expected.
A woman tamed yet has fire within.
A slave, a mistress, a lover, a friend.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Shower her with your love and you might find
her lips quick to smile with impish delight.
A woman waiting to be satisfied.
A mortal, a vixen, a temptress, a sinner.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Show her what it is like to love
and you’ll never forget how she responds.
A woman cold yet brimming with passion.
A wildling, a burning ember, a jewel, a priceless treasure.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
For she’s a woman, yours and only.