It Starts Here

It starts here
in this very room
where silence pervades
and a gentle breeze blows
that magic and mystery blends
as the pen starts to trace its steps
gliding, dancing, creating its spells
from nothing comes a thought, that flows
into words that goes and on and on
until the mind is spent
and the ink stops flowing

-The Elusive Scribe 02162017-


In Chaos


photo credit: pinterest.com


A hundred thousand voices recite in my head
jumbling thoughts, triggering daydreams
swimming in the swirling vortex of ideas
where does my real self linger?

The strong current draws me inward
into a waiting whirlpool I fall into
tossing and turning inside my own head
to breathe is impossible for me to do

Oh these worlds upon worlds that exist
in my mind waiting to be released
if only this hand can write your words
I would gladly give you life on this earth and more

-The Elusive Scribe 01272017-


My Muse

pen poised over paper
dangling in mid-air
the words, they don’t come
for my muse went away
and in his wake
disjointed thoughts remain
unable to reconnect
these fragments of words
like dried leaves constantly
being swept away
by the wind blowing
as the door where my muse
passed through
remains open

-©The Elusive Scribe 011515-


That moment when our eyes first met
your words hypnotized the very thoughts in me
tying them up like knots on a string
how can i think coherently?
What magic is this that drives me on
wanting, needing and craving for more?
your touch that glides like butterfly wings,
your kiss that ignites the passion within.
how wonderful it would be to wake up
wrapped in the warmth of your arms,
knowing that I’m safe and secure in your love.
What would I give to make them all come true,
transform these dreams into my reality?

-eamarifosque 120213-



Where can i find solitude amidst the noise
that battle enraged in this head of mine?
thoughts that fight, either wrong or right,
clamoring for release, begging to be freed.
pen and paper are no match for the ruckus
causing bleeding ink to drip senselessly
on virgin paper mingling with tears.

Peace is all i want yet my mind won’t stop
thinking thoughts that plant seeds of doubt
tried so hard to stop the angry flow,
yet they come relentlessly, causing my undoing.
For the thoughts that flow from mind to paper
scream out in anger and hate, the turmoil within,
stripping away the gates that bar them
from ever seeing the light of day.

-The Elusive Scribe 092413-


Silent Vandalism


Words, they all float in my mind.
Floating endlessly until I grab
and piece them together to form
a thought, incoherent as it may be.

I paste it on the walls of my mnd,
letting it ripple in the wind.
I search for more words
as I peruse my thought bubbles.

Picking carefully, treading lightly,
on the abyss-like flooring of consciousness,
where I float too as I lay dreaming.

Word by word I fling them
towards my daydreaming mind, vandalizing,
it’s white stained walls until they are covered
with letters strung together
haphazardly as they may seem.

But in the midst of chaos,
of jumbled words and fragile thoughts,
you’ll find a pattern obscured,
by more words crisscrossing
the now peppered walls.
Jewels in the back of a daydreaming mind,
filled to the brim with silent vandalism.

-The Elusive Scribe 030813-


As the World Sleeps


She is awake and waiting,
for a delicious treat to satiate her
hungry thoughts and empty stomach.

She waits by the shadows,
free flowing hair melting with the night,
only cat’s eyes seen peering at the dark.

Waiting wiith stillness
and never ending silence,
preys pass by without noticing.

A finger’s breadth from her,
they don’t know why they are scared,
until they look up and see,
death staring down at them.


– The Elusive Scribe 040813-



Dipping its head in a basin of black,
scratching the surface with its usual grace,
words form with such delight,
creating a single thought on paper.
The dipping and scratching continue,
more words float in the horizon,
strung together to make a meaning,
out of the endless chaos that surrounds
a mind pumping poetry and music,
out of its veins with every heartbeat.
A pause here and there as thoughts collect,
gaining speed yet slowing down,
marked with blots and tears,
a story unravels with every breath it takes,
with lyrics from songs forgotten,
a tribute to the one who holds her heart,
a fairytale that has no ending.