I Want You






i want to savor every bit of you
hands holding you close
hungrily tasting your essence
that sweetness exploding
in my mouth

oh how i want to make this last
with every lick of the tongue
you make my tastebuds tingle
that sensation so familiar
i want more of you

dripping from these lips
as you melt from the heat
that my desire breathes
into your coldness
your sweetness

i want you
to cool this burning ache
let my lips linger
closer to you
until you are no more

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 041014-



There is magic in the words your lips do utter
into the night where our shadows reside,
with the flames from the candles our only lights
reflected back within the deep pools of our eyes.
Your whispered words that get carried by the wind
trail goosebumps on flesh as your breath descends,
a spell to remove the chains that bind the fire
setting it free to course through cold skin that waits
for your touch to ignite the desire within
letting it loose and unbound on waiting silken sheets.

-eamarifosque 121513-


The Dreams Will Come Tonight

The dreams will come tonight like the rolling mist
and in the shadows that form half heartedly,
I shall dance to the slow song that your guitar sings.
With every strum of your fingers my feet will move
swaying hips to the rhythm that your music creates.
And by the light of the moon and the sigh of the stars
we will be making music out of our own desires,
with every sway of our bodies and the songs on our lips,
the fire within us will burn bright as day.
Eclipsing the brilliance of the moon and stars combined
we will melt with the searing heat that our love creates,
until we’re one in the world of dreams we’ve built,
in the halls of our memories where we seek each other out
holding tight lest our dreams fade away
and remind us that we are miles apart.

-eamarifosque 102313-


Let us bury ourselves in the stillness of the night,
and make waves against the sheets of our desires.
As moonbeams glisten on sweat riddled bodies,
that move in sweet synchronization on satin covered land.
Whispered songs shall emanate from lips seeking lips,
and fingers shall trace the land before them with
infinite slowness,
remembering pathways so familiar even with eyes closed.
Oh, how the night trembles with yearning,
as temperature rises above and beyond,
where our heartbeats drum beneath our chests
faster and faster yet in tune with one another.
Climbing towards the stars that look down on us,
until we reach the heavens in each others arms,
where our hearts were destined to be satiated,
with the kind of love that our souls are attuned to.

-The Elusive Scribe 072213-


Don’t Steal the Light


don’t steal the light from me,
with your dark thoughts that lie heavy
and brooding on your shoulders.
for i am lost without it.
the light in me i cling to with hope,
lest i succumb to my own shadows
that linger on the edges of my mind.

don’t steal the light from me,
for this is the comfort i wrap myself with
when the nights are long and i’m on my own
with you far away from me.
this light that i draw strength from
as i falter in my desire to be strong
when doubts start to come and invade my very being.

don’t steal the light from me,
with your careless and hurtful words
that you inflict so thoughtlessly.
i am human and words can slice through me,
breaking carefully constructed walls
that i build to protect the light
that i keep within.

don’t steal the light from me,
for i cannot let the darkness swallow
what’s left of my positivity.
the days will only go longer,
when the shadows come and take me
for it will be long before i find my way back to the
place where i found the real me.

-The Elusive Scribe 062213-


Angels do Fall


See these angelic wings with their bent feathers?
They’re the abandoned wings of a fallen angel,
All bent and broken by Earth’s strong embrace.
Fragile to hold with all of its gossamer feathers,
slowly fading as the cloudy night disperses.

For this angel lost all her desire to freely fly
with her strong wings upon the night sky.
When gazing down she saw thee,
and felt the first tremblings of desire.

Immortal she is yet to taste forbidden love
that only mere mortals do feel,
she must give up a hefty price,
and abandon her lofty existence.

Eternity she cast aside for a moment’s pleasure.
No qualms or regrets do this angel feel,
leaving her queenly perch for a little bit of heaven
with earth’s tempting kiss.

Only when discarded like rubbish did she feel,
love’s a cruel master and one that burned her deep.
Like the fires of hell that threatened to scorch her wings,
when she flew a little bit closer to its nightmarish abyss.

It was then she felt the first pangs of regret,
as she gazes upwards to the brightly lit night.
Remembering her swift passage across the heavens,
looking down upon a world lit by unbounded beauty.

For falling in love became her own undoing,
in the hands of a mortal careless with her heart.
How can something precious destroy her being,
now she’s lost among the crushing tide of bodies.

Her precious face and voice can’t be seen nor heard,
but a trail of droplets of snowflakes she left behind.
Her angel tears forming crystals on the ground,
sparkling like jewels, flashing like dying fire.

-The Elusive Scribe 040313-


Counting the Days


Counting the days till I make love to you,
this hunger in me you have brought to life.
With mere thoughts you’ve invaded me
my body aching, yearning for your touch.

You’ve drawn out the other side of me,
the one who controls passion and desire.
It wants its time now and forever,
eager to taste the love you are offering.

When the day comes that I give you me
hold me in your arms and don’t let go.
Kiss me with tenderness you are hiding within
and I’ll show you love like never before.