I forget the days when I’m with you
in your smile, the sparkle in your eyes
the world fades, and I’m wrapped up
in every word you utter, the very air you breathe
your soul calling upon mine
hands entwined, our fates crossing intricately
no boundaries, no walls,
just the warmth that spreads from your touch
that glides through this waiting body,
answering your kisses with mine own
the days melt and coalesce into oneness
and so I forget the world
as I sleep, in your arms

-The Elusive Scribe 03062017-


Nature’s Beauty

Beauty I see with eyes that perceive
the world in its unadorned glory.
The skies painted in delicate shades
of blues and whites,
the land, vast and green, broken
by gorgeous mountains that soar
reaching up to the heavens above.
And on the edges, the beckoning waters
with their sparkling surface that glistens,
ripples sent from fingers that touch
its mirror like face that peers back.
Ripples coming back in roaring waves
pushed by strong winds that blow
from the far corners of the world reaching home.
And by the shore I realize
how insignificant I can be
when all the beauty of nature
comes crashing down on me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052513-


Behind the Starlit Skies


Behind the star lit skies there lies
a princess with wings crying in the night.
For she is waiting for her lover true,
who only comes when the moon is blue.
She knows he is the one for her,
but why is it taking him so long?
To come and brighten her world,
just like the way the sun does in the morning.
Her nights are all quiet and dark,
except for her star-lit lanterns that she hung
around her little cloudy castle,
to light his way back into her arms.

-eamarifosque 041213-


Through Your Eyes


Through your eyes I saw how pretty life can be,
even when the sun gets obscured by dark clouds,
and the rain comes down pouring hard,
it will always end like problems do
with a bit of sunshine and rainbows too.

Through your eyes I saw how darkness can easily
the mind of someone lost in love and hurt,
but then you showed me what loving hands can do
to hidden wounds and scars of long ago.

Through your eyes I saw how I can be a better version
of me,
when I thought I can go no further you were the one
who pulled me onwards.
Now it’s my turn to show you how wonderful life can
if only you took the time to stop and see the world
right here with me.


-The Elusive Scribe 041613-


Words do Fail


to describe what I see with my own two eyes,
of the beauty the morning sun brings
as it breaks the darkness as it wakes.

to describe what I can feel when I reach out to touch,
the things that surround me
in my own corner of the world.

to describe what I can hear whenever I close my eyes,
the music and laughter of the birds chirping,
and the way the wind whispers as it passes me by.

to describe the taste of life I am living at the moment
where love is ever present and comforting,
a special ingredient that I shouldn’t forsake.


-The Elusive Scribe 041313-


Writing Letters

Love Letters. This is one habit that I intend to pick up again. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to make someone special feel really important, right? Have you tried writing a love letter lately? As in really write it down using pen and paper and not typing on your keyboard and sending it through email?

I think many have forgotten the power of writing manually. Even when your penmanship sucks it doesn’t mean that your letter will lose its power. Every letter you put together, every word you string together will always create magic in the eyes of the reader, especially if the one reading it means the whole damn world to you.

So, what are you waiting for? It has been ages since you’ve written someone a letter so why not start now? Send someone a love letter today and see the wonders of touching someone’s heart.