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Memories have taken root
insinuating even in dreams
constantly cutting open wounds
reliving the fears and tears
can’t fight back the tide
emotions raging nonstop
sought to find the cure in silence
yet the emptiness echoes well into the night

How to stop the sadness
the madness that seems to cling
within the very soul that tries to flee
images of you carved deeply within?

Bombarded with familiar words
whispered with your voice
dripping with intoxicating sweetness
but tasted bitter as they cling to lips
that once drank from innocent dreams.

Tried to stave off the flow
of memories that constantly haunt
every waking moment that comes
even with eyes pressed closed
there your shadow resides
fingers trailing paths for pain
to come and bring turmoil within.

Tried to scrub away the footprints
of an imagined love
yet their imprints remain unyielding
to scarred knees and shriveled hands
a remembrance worth unremembering.

-©The Elusive Scribe 032414-


On Books







Trailing fingers on ragged edges
breathing in your secret scent,
anticipating the treasure hidden
with hands trembling with excitement.

Waiting for the words to come
to ignite the senses and imagination,
transporting soul into another world
to see the world in a different light.

What secrets do you wish to share
with every twist and turn?
Your captivating words do ensnare
leaving me wanting and waiting for more.

Can’t wait to reach the end
the ride was well worth it,
fell in love then learned to hate
wished your story never had to end.
-©The Elusive Scribe 031714-


New Beginnings










Time to wipe away the crystals that fall
that break into pools of salty water
upon ink stained surface that used to hold
fragments of worlds built on written words.

The darkness has smudged the dreamer’s dream
blurring hope into gut wrenching nightmares
the ink has run and ruined the letters
turn the page, it’s time for a new beginning.

A new day has dawned, the storm has passed
for the ragged soul a new life has come,
open wide the windows and taste the breeze
yesterday’s pain should just be a memory.

Close the door on hurts best forgotten
healing will come one way or another
choose to fight like a warrior within
start rebuilding your shattered dreams.

Live in the light instead of the shadows
shake away the cobwebs of doubt and despair
repair your broken thoughts and damaged heart
a new chapter is about to begin.
-©The Elusive Scribe 031114-


Invisible Children









unseen they are blending in the crowd,
dark eyes peering from dirt streaked faces
watching in silent despair and hunger
inhaling smoke and dust with their waking breath.

invisible to millions of pairs of eyes
their arms stretched out in supplication
living every day inches from Death’s grasp
riding the waves of rumbling engines that pass by.

their palms turned towards the heavens
waiting for coins to fall like rain
empty stomachs gnawing at their soul
tattered clothing clinging to their skin.

bedding down on the cold pavement
underneath street lamps that bleed yellow
dreaming an escape from their wretched prison
the reality that they often wake up to.

-©The Elusive Scribe 030614-


It Was My Turn to Dig Again






it was my turn to dig again on the ground,
where we buried the secrets we chose to forget.
Covered now by decaying leaves of the watchful tree
that stood like a quiet sentinel that towered
over our sweat slicked bodies.

did we bury our secrets that deep?

it was my turn to dig again but all that i could see
were tattered remains of memories that fell apart,
as my fingers scraped them off this part of the earth
where we buried them with our promises and tears.
am i digging for something that no longer exists?
or did we bury what used to be us beyond our reach,
left to die a silent death with the worms feasting
on souls that are still trapped within beating chests?

-©The Elusive Scribe 030414-