She lies still

She lies still in her bed
a bier of forgotten memories
no stranger to death
she sleeps, dreamless
porcelained skin shining
upon red satin sheets
the call of blood ever grows
stirring from within
waiting for the sun to sleep
for the night is her master
and he beckons from the shadows

-The Elusive Scribe 03082017-


Shifted by the moon







A sliver of light appears as clouds do part
trailing its finger upon an exposed heart
beating secret words into works of art
once clutched to chest now bursting apart.

And so the words do form under the moon’s gaze,
like winds that swirl and billow in the haze.
This tender heart chases after its muse in a maze
seeking clarity even though it’s in a daze.

What madness lies then in the deepening night?
Shifted by the moon these thoughts do ignite.
cold at first but then they burn so bright
spreading like wildfire that has taken flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012914-


Own the Night


we shall own the night, tonight of all nights,
we will make it listen to our beating hearts.
the fires we shall conjure will banish the shadows
and we will play in its heat as it sears
the very essence of our being as we collide
like the distant stars in the horizon.
we shall own the night and make it last,
until we have satisfied our hungry hearts,
with the things that we crave the most,
the touch and feel of desire that course through us.
as we gaze up into the starry backdrop of this night
where we shall belong to one another
both in body and soul until the night slowly dwindles
and fade into nothingness.

-eamarifosque 061513-


A Toast to the Night


a toast to the night that came to claim
the winged sorrows perched on shoulders
stooped with the burden of its sins of yesterday.
the night that came to release sorrow’s taloned grip
on this soul that knows nothing of tomorrow
until it found the light within you.
here’s to the night and it’s promise of
a better day, with a cup brimming with hope
for this heart that longs for happiness
it already found in your arms that she chose
to be her refuge against the world.
hail to the night as it deepens first
before growing paler by the minute, as you,
her sun, comes ever so slowly closer to her,
her heart, her love.
awaken the smile she reserves only for you,
as the night retreats back with her sorrows
in the palms of its hands.
awaken her with a kiss from your lips
that she craves the most and see her unfold
like a flower in full bloom.
and when you see the beauty of you reflected
in her eyes in love with the sight of you,
give a toast to the night that took away the brooding
shadows of her sorrows that roosted on her shoulders
and then gave back to her her life she chose
to live with you.

-The Elusive Scribe 061013-


Untitled II

Staring out to the sea
with the wind caressing her hair,
she watches the sun settling
back to its warm cozy bed.
The coming of the night
stirred no dread in her heart,
even when houses start to bar
their windows and their doors.
Creeping from the cracks from the pavements,
and crevices from tattered walls,
the shadows come riding the
screeching sound of the furious wind,
that picks up fallen leaves, sticks and stones,
hurling them at silent houses making noise.
Shadows that hunt for spaces in between
and souls from within,
hungry for life that was taken from them
And by the rocky shores of the sea,
as the shadows gallop and caper all night,
she stands still with a sinister smile
playing on her lips.


-The Elusive Scribe 041913-



Poet come hither and let me hear,
the words that flow from your mouth to my ear.
Let me be your muse for the night,
and I will gladly pay you for this delight,
for the verses that flow from your mind,
are like honeyed nectar without kind.

Poet come nearer and whisper to me,
the verses you’ve written for my eyes to see.
I’ll touch them with love and reverence,
for they bring me comfort with such benevolence.
You see I crave for the passion derived from thee,
when you speak in stanzas on love so free.



Enter the Night

This one I wrote in the dead of the night. I don’t know what possessed me (maybe, the little ink elf) to write this. I just stirred from my reverie then started pounding on the keyboards to type this poem. 🙂


Enter the Night

The night fast approaches

I sit back and watch as darkness encroaches

over streetlamps and traveling coaches

enveloping sweethearts exchanging smooches.

The night fast approaches

I could see my pen leaving blotches

on paper white and grainy notches

leaving hands with black stained patches.

The night fast approaches

I could finally see the moon that bewitches

lovers arm in arm sitting on benches

unaware of the night that fast approaches.