if you’re only here

there are worlds left to discover,
roads that need to be traveled,
a journey worth taking,
if you’re only here.

there are millions of pages to be written,
a billion words to write,
stories to be written and told,
if you’re only here.

there are moments for us to live,
seconds to spare that feels like eternity,
precious moments waiting to be made,
if you’re only here.

there are beautiful mornings for us to wake up to,
and nights for our desires and dreams,
there is always something new to experience,
if only you’re here.

-The Elusive Scribe 082913-


waiting for the faintest of traces of the sun,
parting night’s ethereal sheets laid on sleeping souls
that silently stir on a bed of dreams.
fingers running down on delicate skin
the faintest of blush blooms on cheeks,
the breath of life passed with the lightest of kiss,
lifting the corners of lover’s lips into a shadow of a smile,
a boon given come the morning’s light.
a runaway breeze blows gently caressing silken hair,
a whisper of sigh escapes parted lips that seeks another kiss.
a honeyed treat, a perfect beginning,
for a morning wrapped in arms where comfort is,
a world unfamiliar yet worth getting lost in.

-eamarifosque 082813-



My lips are sealed unless it’s your name
that I need to say,
your name that wormed its way to my heart
and soul.
I want to savor your name as it rolls from my lips
like the sweetest kiss you gave me to hold.
It’s your name that I often whisper well into the night,
before I fall asleep hoping to see you in my dreams tonight.
It’s your name that I carry with me, the one I draw strength from,
for your name I’ve branded in this heart of mine,
hoping it will never disappear from sight.

-eamarifosque 082113-


Lost In You


I want to get lost in you,
in your embrace that I miss the most.
I don’t want to suffer in silence anymore,
I want to be kissed by your lips right now.
I want to get lost in you,
I want to hide under the covers with you.
You are the world I want to call my own,
the one that I won’t mind getting lost in,
under the sheets where I can discover
the different sides of you.
I want to get lost in you,
to call you my own.
I want to lose myself in the words you speak,
the words I know that make my heart beats.
I want to get lost in you,
my love, my darling, my heart.
Come to me tonight and let me get lost in you.

-eamarifosque 082113-


It Was

It was the way you held my hand
and how you gazed into my eyes,
that caused this heart to beat so frantically.
It was that smile you gave me
and the way you caressed my face
that sent shivers down my spine.
It was the way you spoke to me
and the way you stood proud beside me
that made me fall in love so easily.
It was the way you sit in silence
and the way you listened to me
that taught me that I am never alone.
It was the way you made me laugh
and how you eased the frown from my brows
that made me want you even more.
It was the way you kissed me softly
and the way you hold me close to your heart
that told me that I’m quite lucky
having you in my life.

-eamarifosque 073113-


Can We

Can we retrace the steps
back to our beginnings?
Where our paths crossed
and our world collide?
Can we go back to that first moment
when eyes meet eyes
in perfect understanding?
Can we recall those words we’ve whispered
in the darkness of the night
as we lay next to each other
dreaming endless dreams together?
Can we redeem ourselves
from the faults that we’ve made?
Correct mistakes, correct the lies
until we find release with the truths
that our lips now speak?

-The Elusive Scribe 070813-


No Goodbyes


There will be no goodbyes between us,
only partings with a smile and a quick embrace.
Goodbyes sound like forever,
just like memories as they start to fade.
Our kisses will not be of longing,
but of hope pressed by lips upon lips.

There will be no goodbyes between us,
no tears shall cascade down our cheeks.
Our eyes will not glisten with sorrow
but burn with the faith that we have,
that our love will cover great distances,
and grow even when we are miles apart.

There will be no goodbyes between us
for partings aren’t always that happy.
So I will wait with bated breath
and with hope fluttering in my heart
that the road you will be walking one of these days
shall be the road that will lead you back home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 062413-


Paint Me a Story

paint me a story of what love really is,

so i can bring it with me when i go to sleep.

touch colors to canvas in delightful swirls,

and tell me that’s how i make you feel.

show me rainbows, show me black and grey,

show me how eloquent you can be

when painting love and all its miseries.

fill the canvas with images of how you see

the love that i offer you in all its simplicity.

show me in colors the truth you found in me,

and show me what secrets you learned as you dive

into the depths of me.

-eamarifosque 061813-


A Toast to the Night


a toast to the night that came to claim
the winged sorrows perched on shoulders
stooped with the burden of its sins of yesterday.
the night that came to release sorrow’s taloned grip
on this soul that knows nothing of tomorrow
until it found the light within you.
here’s to the night and it’s promise of
a better day, with a cup brimming with hope
for this heart that longs for happiness
it already found in your arms that she chose
to be her refuge against the world.
hail to the night as it deepens first
before growing paler by the minute, as you,
her sun, comes ever so slowly closer to her,
her heart, her love.
awaken the smile she reserves only for you,
as the night retreats back with her sorrows
in the palms of its hands.
awaken her with a kiss from your lips
that she craves the most and see her unfold
like a flower in full bloom.
and when you see the beauty of you reflected
in her eyes in love with the sight of you,
give a toast to the night that took away the brooding
shadows of her sorrows that roosted on her shoulders
and then gave back to her her life she chose
to live with you.

-The Elusive Scribe 061013-


Even for a Day


Even for a day I want to feel how precious I am to you
to know that you think of me the way I do you,
to know that you miss me when I’m away,
to know that you can’t bear the thought of me not talking to you.

Even for a day I want to feel how happy you are with me,
to know that I’m the first person you think of when you wake up,
to know that I’m your last thought before you sleep,
to know that I’m the one you dream of every night.

Even for a day I want to feel what it’s like to be loved by you,
to know that you’ll wrap me in your arms and hold me tight,
to know that you’ll whisper the words I long to hear,
to know that you’ll give me the kind of love that I’m hoping for.

-The Elusive Scribe 060713-