They Took My Laughter – A Poem for Halloween

Yes! It’s Halloween again and to celebrate this event, I’ve penned something for you readers. I’ve done the same last year titled Clown so you know where I’m going with the poem below. I hope you like this so Happy Halloween to all of you!

They took my laughter, they ate it all
I could hear it trapped in countless mouths
slowly trickling from their greedy lips.

But I’ll get back what’s mine,
when night descends so it will begin
I shall harvest what I’ve sown

as you sleep, oblivious to the world
unaware of the shadow that creeps
silently towards where you lie

blind to the rage that burns behind
this white painted face with the red, red smile
and the sliver of light arcing towards you

I will take back what’s mine,
reap my laughter from your screams
I will take them all, laughing with glee

-©The Elusive Scribe 103114-



I’ve tasted your hunger
felt it burn through your skin
as fingers start to trace
a path where the embers lay

the kindling starts to burn
as night slowly sets in
here we are shadows
here we blend with the night

yet there is still the fire
wrestling between the sheets
hidden yet burning, blazing
like ripples, turning to waves

as the fire dies down
hunger already satiated
under the sheets we lie
tangled our limbs remained

-©The Elusive Scribe 100414-