Give Me Not

Give me not the illusions of love
feigned professions of admiration
for they taste like ashes
bitterness seeping into this tongue

Give me not gifts wrapped in promises
for the boxes are empty, and I am no fool
for promises are easy to break
so is the trust that I give you

-The Elusive Scribe 01262017-


In Chaos


photo credit: pinterest.com


A hundred thousand voices recite in my head
jumbling thoughts, triggering daydreams
swimming in the swirling vortex of ideas
where does my real self linger?

The strong current draws me inward
into a waiting whirlpool I fall into
tossing and turning inside my own head
to breathe is impossible for me to do

Oh these worlds upon worlds that exist
in my mind waiting to be released
if only this hand can write your words
I would gladly give you life on this earth and more

-The Elusive Scribe 01272017-



Peeping from the darkness that envelope the skies
a flutter of light, faint from its distance
a signal, a beacon, a warrior
against the shadows, it raises its banner
calling through space and beyond worlds
for other stars to lend their shine
to break the cloak of impenetrable darkness
bringing starlight to eyes upturned
to the heavens, waiting for hope

-TheElusiveScribe 01262017-



Standing upon the shore of memories
I feel lost as the waves roll towards me
swirling sand and seas embrace my feet
touching this forlorn soul
and as the water recedes to its home
my memories of you and what was
sink towards oblivion
with the setting sun upon the horizon
a final flash of fire burns
to the darkness my memory goes

-TheElusiveScribe 01252017-




photo credit: Rebloggy

Forlorn these ruined steps are
waiting forever for your footfalls
to grace the halls of your forebears
where you used to twirl and sway
alighting on these steps like a bird
ready to take flight
with arms spread and eyes closed
a wraith that glides effortlessly
oh how these carpeted steps miss
enclosing your graceful feet
in soft cushion lest they bruise
as you work your way upwards and downwards
but the dust has thickened,
and we have been creaking for years
yet not a shadow or a breath of you
has graced these forlorn steps
and still we wait until the ravages of time
split our broken boards for you

-TheElusiveScribe 012417-