you are wanted in these arms
entwined in blissful embrace
the thuds of beating hearts rejoicing
joined in flesh and spirit
night clothes these eyes
though asleep, we’re still connected
moving in between dreams
like lovers strolling hand in hand
oblivious to the world yet aware
of the infinite stars captured and reflected
on eyes where love shines

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe120914-


Close Your Eyes








Close your eyes my darling dear
in my arms I’ll rock you to sleep.
A kiss to your cheek I’ll give
to protect you from monsters in your dream.
Don’t be afraid when darkness comes
no one can harm you while I’m around.
Rest your weary head in my embrace
leave your childish worries for another day.
I’ll watch over you as the moon slips in,
even hold your tiny hand, never wanting to let go.
Close your eyes my darling dear,
your mommy is holding you tight
a kiss to your cheek I’ll give
and a promise I’ll whisper to your ear.

-The Elusive Scribe 110513-



2013-10-24 17.01.38







Where’s the light that once showed me the way,
the path leading to your embrace?
The stars are gone and the moon’s asleep,
where o’ where are you my lighthouse dear?

Where’s the light that comes from deep within?
only darkness ensues, you melt with the shadows.
How can I find the door to your heart,
when you blend with the night, leaving my sight?

Where’s the light that you used to hold,
the one that draws me deeper into you?
Can it be that you’ve doused the fire that burns,
leaving me with nothing but an empty lighthouse?

-The Elusive Scribe 102413-


Lost In You


I want to get lost in you,
in your embrace that I miss the most.
I don’t want to suffer in silence anymore,
I want to be kissed by your lips right now.
I want to get lost in you,
I want to hide under the covers with you.
You are the world I want to call my own,
the one that I won’t mind getting lost in,
under the sheets where I can discover
the different sides of you.
I want to get lost in you,
to call you my own.
I want to lose myself in the words you speak,
the words I know that make my heart beats.
I want to get lost in you,
my love, my darling, my heart.
Come to me tonight and let me get lost in you.

-eamarifosque 082113-



You are the cold night that embraces me in bed,
the stillness of the darkness broken by your sigh,
and with a single touch you brought me to life,
setting fire to these tired bones of mine.

You are the wind that sends shivers down my spine,
the one who stirs the strands of my hair,
like gentle fingers caressing its silkiness,
before tugging at them with your fists.

You are the dream that I have all the time,
the only one that occupies my mind,
from the day and well into the night,
there’s no one else I think about,
no room for anything else but you.

-eamarifosque 081313-


By the Shadows


By the shadows I shall wait,
for a scent or sight of you,
that will conjure forbidden images
reflected back in these dark pools
I call my eyes.

I shall wait unmoving, not breathing,
lest I scare you with the slightest movement.
Leaving me with nothing,
not even a hair strand of you.
Fingers clutching nothing but thin air.

I will hide in the shadows as I wait,
weaving dreams made from gossamer strings,
to ensnare both your mind and body,
so I can take you back home with me.

I can be patient, I can be still,
I can wait for eternity if fate allows it to be.
But I know it won’t be long now,
before your feet lead you back to me.

And as your gentle feet take you into the shadows
so shall I be there to welcome you back.
With strings hung from every corner of the walls,
glittering in the night, waiting to embrace you all.

I shall wait in the darkness, waiting for you to stop.
You will enter my home and lie on your deathbed
and I will dine like a queen, slowly savoring my meal,
for your tasty flesh shall be the best feast
my mouth will slowly savor tonight.

-The Elusive Scribe 081213-


In the Middle of Nowhere

I find myself thinking,
why was I abandoned here?
In the middle of nowhere
where there is nothing to see
nor water to break the monotony?
Just a never ending land
devoid of personality.
How do I even know
that I’m in the middle of anything?
Must be a glitch in my brain
or I am still dreaming.
Why am I here?
In the most desolate of places?
Where tumbleweeds are my only company?
I can feel fine white sand submerging my feet
soothing me with its soft caresses.
I feel trapped in an endless world,
a speck of imagination easily crushed
by the weight of loneliness.
I can see the dunes forming
so I will lie down and dream
that I’ll be miles away when I wake up
instead of being trapped
in the middle of nowhere.


– The Elusive Scribe 040513-