Welcome Wagon

Jake Hudson






Minutes or hours may pass
but still you’ll be waiting
for a hint of my shadow
to darken the doorway
or the sound of my footsteps
to tell you I’m coming

and you’ll be waiting
like you always do
by the gate, or by the door
peering from the windows
watching people passing by
wishing that I come home tonight

A simple click is all it takes
a groaning complain from the rusty gates
and you’ll come running
running as fast as you can
into my arms, your home
a thousand kisses you bring
because I’m finally home

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 040214-


Hope breeds in every breath expelled,
from mouths that speak their hearts’ desire,
slowly building dreams as lovers lie
on soft ground staring at the starry skies.

Hands seeking hands in the depths of the moon,
lending strength to wayward hearts that commune,
as their battle scarred and worn out souls
find true healing listening to each other’s tune.

And as the night deepens so does their song,
of hearts and minds that both found their home,
in tight embraces and yearning kisses,
until both are spent and lying breathless.

-eamarifosque 091413-


Take My Hand

Take my hand and I’ll bring you home,
to my hearth, my heart, my darling love.
Let me show your eyes the true meaning
of life and love and how beautiful they can be.
There is no reason why you should cry
at night alone in bed as darkness prevails.
I am here and I will hold you even when
I will lose sleep over this.
We are tied together you and I
right from the start.
Our lives entwined even if we didn’t know it.
Trust me when I say that this heart will not give up,
because it knows it has found a home in your arms.

-The Elusive Scribe 060213-


Come Home


to me and in my arms tonight,
let me hold you close to my chest
with my heart pressed close to you.

come home to me and rest by my hearth,
let me ease your troubles
and banish your pain.

come home to me and be at peace,
let me love you the way you
should be loved with abandon.

come home to me and you’ll never have to
wake up alone and hurting any more.
for i will be here for you my darling,
this i promise as long as you come home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052913-




Because deep in your mind
you know you need
a body to come home to
lest you become lost.

Because even in your solitude
you know how beautiful it can be
to reach out and touch
someone’s hands.

Because self-pity no longer works
and because you’ll never know
that there is someone out there
dying just to be with you.

-eamarifosque 040413-


A Prayer


Fair winds bring him to me,
my arms are waiting
to hold him close dear.
I’ve been waiting night and day,
waiting for his knock upon my door.
With a kiss I will welcome him
and by my hearth I will give him warmth.
His worries I will make him forget.
His pains I will steal from him.
I will make him feel life,
and what it’s like to be loved by me.
I will show him his place in my heart,
and why I’ve been waiting for him by the door,
for his shadow to grace my doorstep.
And I will shower his lips with kisses sweet,
and in my arms make him feel
that his home is nowhere else
but right here with me.