I look into you, your infinite eyes
wondering what mysteries have I yet to uncover
I love you,
you whispered like a lover’s touch
it unmanned me, as your breath touches my skin
breaking down the walls I have erected easily
piece by piece, you tore down my own prison
finding me, chilled to the bone, barely living
I love you,
you said once more, warmth spreading inside me
a seed planted, of hope, of dreams, of the future
We both smiled at the silliness of it all
yet we barely moved from where we stand,
drinking in the beauty that hid inside of us
glowing, emanating, radiating from within
You reached out to me and I did the same,
we closed the gap, and we became one
our roots going deeper into the earth,
as we drank from the wellspring of our love,
growing towards the heavens, we became forever,
we became us, our oneness no longer a thought
but a reality where we thrive in each other’s light

-The Elusive Scribe 03222017-


All is Well

She stands unmoving, watching the sun fade
bowing its head to the grace of the night
the stars began to peek from the curtains
of Lady Night’s blanket of darkness,
as it deepened its hold upon the skies
their soft lights fading to the brightness
of fluorescent lamps lighting up the earth
where she stands, face upturned to the heavens
a stillness in the sea of roiling humans walking
offering a silent prayer of gratitude
that all is well, and all will be well
for the day is ending and she is still of the earth

-The Elusive Scribe 03212017-



In sleep, I gasp for breath
as the rushing waves
of my semi-consciousness
began to filter in my dreams
the feeling of dread starts to pile up
encroaching on the serene valley
where I lie upon the grass
forgetting reality for a time
but the shadows have descended
like dark winged monsters enraged
hungry for the light that glows within
unable to move from this nightmare
I succumb to the darkness inside of me

-The Elusive Scribe 03172017



No words are coming
these thoughts obsolete
revolving around you
this poetry often takes place
but there is nothing more to say
for we have already parted ways
no sounds can penetrate
the silence in which I contemplate
where to go now that the days are done
from where will these words take me then
my muse has come and gone far away
and now I’m on my own
my path is unclear and I’m lost

-The Elusive Scribe 03172017-


100 Days

A hundred days has come and gone
but I’m still here, and I’m undone
I have watched your shadow recede
from the doorstep, I start to bleed
the longing is strong for I weep
constantly, even when I’m asleep
yearning for the warmth that you give
for this cold heart just learned to live
Now I’m counting the days ’til you are here
for in your arms, I will know no fear

-The Elusive Scribe 03162017-



Here we lie underneath the pale moon
mere shadows in the fading light
the waves softly touching our skin
cold fingers soothing our bodies on fire
shivers running down our spine
Our eyes meet and so do our lips
hands hesitating, unraveling mysteries
uncovering territories, exploring secrets
bathed in reverent waters as we lie
entwined, under a canopy of stars
-The Elusive Scribe 03152017-