In Silence







In the absence of sound
the world stood still
like the graveyard where
souls buried in the earth
lie silent in their musings
watching tears fall from eyes
that they used to drown in
when life flowed relentlessly
on veins that throb with
their hopes and dreams
until death came and claimed
the very breath that escapes
from parted lips in the silence
of the night as they lay
in their beds dreaming dreams
of a tomorrow that no longer came.

-The Elusive Scribe 120913-


Let us bury ourselves in the stillness of the night,
and make waves against the sheets of our desires.
As moonbeams glisten on sweat riddled bodies,
that move in sweet synchronization on satin covered land.
Whispered songs shall emanate from lips seeking lips,
and fingers shall trace the land before them with
infinite slowness,
remembering pathways so familiar even with eyes closed.
Oh, how the night trembles with yearning,
as temperature rises above and beyond,
where our heartbeats drum beneath our chests
faster and faster yet in tune with one another.
Climbing towards the stars that look down on us,
until we reach the heavens in each others arms,
where our hearts were destined to be satiated,
with the kind of love that our souls are attuned to.

-The Elusive Scribe 072213-



creeping shadows that slither and slide,
on cracks and spaces on the edges of a dream.
transforming themselves into nightmares
only the mind can conjure in its sleep.
devilish eyes with gap toothed grins
dragging souls screaming into the night.
calling for help, crying to the heavens,
but the stars only twinkle in their silence.
afraid to shine bright to dispel the shadows
that come to claim the dreams of dreamers
in their precious sleep.
stuffed in mouths greedy with hunger
for dreams that are ripe for the taking.
they munch and grind harvested souls
through chipped teeth stained with
fading memories and decaying dreams,
until all that is left of them is dust taken by the wind.

-The Elusive Scribe 071213-


Shapeless We Are

Shapeless we are in this world we create,
with our minds that long for an escape from
the cruel injustices inflicted on two hearts,
that yearn for complete surrender to a love
they know is right from the very start.

Shapeless we are with our souls adrift in space,
seeking out our other half in this eternal darkness
to make us come alive and whole once more,
and see the beauty in life through each other’s eyes.

-The Elusive Scribe 052113-




Tonight the moon shall hear the music that we shall play,
with our beating hearts and trembling hands,
as we explore the maps we’ve laid out for each other,
that will lead us to hidden treasures and forbidden pleasures.

Tonight the moon shall hear the words we shall whisper,
against each other’s lips kissed beyond comprehension,
eliciting sweetness for every velvet caress
of strawberry lips that crave for infinite bliss.

Tonight the moon shall hear the cries of our souls
merging into one,
with our bodies that blend with night’s quiet shade,
until all still and quiet in each other’s embrace,
as sleep takes us to be with the dreams we create.

-The Elusive Scribe 051513-


Decomposing Love


Tethered to the night, this love is slowly dying,
fed to the winds in hopes it will reach you in time.
But the stillness of the wind trapped it in space,
unable to fly free and find your heart.

Disillusioned with silence and fearing abandonment,
it searches for a place to crash its body and break.
Throwing itself upon jagged rocks that protrude
from hell that only this heart has ever known.


Breaking constantly the hurts you’ve laid
on its soul of souls,
that is hidden deep within closed doors.
Bathed in tears and blood that flow,
drowning it slowly in torment and confusion.

And in the days you kept to yourself in silence,
the heart that was once given to you to hold,
is now slowly decomposing in the shadows of your
a figment of your imagination forgotten,
fading to nothing but dust carried away by the wind.


-The Elusive Scribe 042313-


Untitled II

Staring out to the sea
with the wind caressing her hair,
she watches the sun settling
back to its warm cozy bed.
The coming of the night
stirred no dread in her heart,
even when houses start to bar
their windows and their doors.
Creeping from the cracks from the pavements,
and crevices from tattered walls,
the shadows come riding the
screeching sound of the furious wind,
that picks up fallen leaves, sticks and stones,
hurling them at silent houses making noise.
Shadows that hunt for spaces in between
and souls from within,
hungry for life that was taken from them
And by the rocky shores of the sea,
as the shadows gallop and caper all night,
she stands still with a sinister smile
playing on her lips.


-The Elusive Scribe 041913-