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Forlorn these ruined steps are
waiting forever for your footfalls
to grace the halls of your forebears
where you used to twirl and sway
alighting on these steps like a bird
ready to take flight
with arms spread and eyes closed
a wraith that glides effortlessly
oh how these carpeted steps miss
enclosing your graceful feet
in soft cushion lest they bruise
as you work your way upwards and downwards
but the dust has thickened,
and we have been creaking for years
yet not a shadow or a breath of you
has graced these forlorn steps
and still we wait until the ravages of time
split our broken boards for you

-TheElusiveScribe 012417-



Turn Back Time

photo credit: trentbooks.com

photo credit: trentbooks.com









If I could just turn back the time
and tell you what you needed to know
you might not have walked past me
and left me all alone

If I could have just let my heart talk
and just forget the fear
you might have stayed a little longer
and there won’t be any tears

If I could just hold you close
and let you feel the warmth of my embrace
you wouldn’t have felt the cold
and I wouldn’t be so lost

If I could just turn back the time
and stop it for just a moment
you might have not gone away
and we would have been the same

-©The Elusive Scribe 042314-


Here lies a dormant corpse
strung up by its thumbs
way up high the darkened hall
tearstain left on rotting cheek
glistens as the light goes dim.

It’s been so long when last it spoke
now it watches with bloodshot eyes
searching the crowd passing by
for the one that torn it apart
leaving flesh with terrible gashes.

Blood no longer drips from wounds
for the heart no longer beats
an empty shell bereft of life
waiting for a chance to steal
time that its old love took.

Back when life freely flowed
with tenderness and love so true
but the end is always the same,
dreams come crashing down
broken time and time again.

And as the passage of hour comes and goes
the corpse that hung will wait forevermore,
for its old love to walk its path
ne’er minding if its old and bent
for at last it will have its revenge.

-The Elusive Scribe 101013-


Remember Your Name

I remember your name
the same one I’ve etched on my chamber walls.
Your name that my lips often speak of,
and pray that one day you’ll hear my call.

Your name I never knew I’ll learn to love,
even from afar you’re the one I think of.
There is no escape from this that I know of,
but why would I even run away?

The way your name rolls from my lips is perfect,
for it’s spoken with all the love I bear
for the one who brought reason to my life,
surprising me from the darkness where I lie.

It’s your name that lights my world
the reason why I want to wake up in the morn,
because I know you’ll be around.
And if I could hold the time just to keep you close,
I would be holding it hostage so you won’t have to go.

I remember your name
even when I close my eyes at night
for it’s the same name my dreams yearn for,
when darkness opens my bedroom door.
I would snuggle under the covers holding your name in my heart,
for every beat it gives is always for you,
hoping that one day yours will beat for my name too.

-The Elusive Scribe 091613-