Read Me

Read me with trembling hands
tracing the shape of my eyes that see
the beauty that you’re hiding from me
let your lips glide across mine
a whisper’s breadth in between
trembling fingers flow hesitantly
upon curves and valleys hidden
read me as you would your secrets
carefully, and with reverence
unfold me gently and we’ll go exploring
you and me in the darkness and light
we’ll find the fire that we yearn for

-The Elusive Scribe 01312017-


Give Me Not

Give me not the illusions of love
feigned professions of admiration
for they taste like ashes
bitterness seeping into this tongue

Give me not gifts wrapped in promises
for the boxes are empty, and I am no fool
for promises are easy to break
so is the trust that I give you

-The Elusive Scribe 01262017-


Pressed Kisses


lips that stain this satin skin with whispers of love,
goosebumps appearing on smooth surface,
with every puff of breath coming from kisses
pressed against the innocence of my being.
oh how i love the way your lips dance
on this flesh that burns with quiet anticipation,
for the searing kisses that you smilingly bestow
on parched land craving for that soft pressure of
lips that cling so familiarly on places already discovered.
surrendering to the exquisite feel of lips on skin,
this heavenly bliss cannot be replaced nor replicated,
for your love is translated to every pressed kiss
that this body has been asking for for so long.

-The Elusive Scribe 060613-


Delight in the Darkness


We revel under the blackness of the night,
where shadows play and fires burn,
on flesh tattooed with hearts entwined,
all but invisible to the naked eye.

We dance to senseless music that plays
in the background of our hungry minds,
swaying to the beat of pumping blood,
that flow like raging liquid heat inside.

We sing our thoughts out loud to the sky,
with passion and ecstasy combined,
our sweat covered bodies do shine,
against the sleeping darkness of the night.

-The Elusive Scribe 051313-


Behind the Starlit Skies


Behind the star lit skies there lies
a princess with wings crying in the night.
For she is waiting for her lover true,
who only comes when the moon is blue.
She knows he is the one for her,
but why is it taking him so long?
To come and brighten her world,
just like the way the sun does in the morning.
Her nights are all quiet and dark,
except for her star-lit lanterns that she hung
around her little cloudy castle,
to light his way back into her arms.

-eamarifosque 041213-



I tried writing a poem in my native Filipino tongue and here’s what I came up with. To my other readers, I’ll try to translate this next time. 🙂 Sorry!

pirapirasong papel tangay ng hangin
palayo sa mga kamay na pumupunit
sa mga pahina ng libro ng buhay.
unti unting inaalis ang mga alaalang
nagdulot ng pait at sakit habang ang
mga tala’y patuloy na nakatingin.
at ang mga luha ay patuloy sa pagdaloy
sa mga kanyang mga mata.
marahang pinupunit ang mga katagang
isinulat sa mga blankong papel ng kahapon,
mga alaalang di na nais balik balikan.
at sa bawat pilas ng papel na syang inaalis,
ang syang pagpatak ng luha at pag dugo ng
pusong naulit na namang nasawi.


– The Elusive Scribe 042013-

Found the time to translate the poem above. 🙂


pieces of paper carried by the wind
away from hands that tears
the pages from the book of life.
slowly removing memories
that brought pain and hurt
while the stars continue to look on.
and the tears continue to fall
from her eyes.
slowly tearing the words
written on blank papers of yesterday,
memories no longer wished to be remembered.
and for every paper torn and removed
so do tears fall and blood flow
from a heart that has been hurt once again.

-The Elusive Scribe 042013-




My heart has been wounded by a love that went
yet you came and patched it good with some
band-aids and a few quick kisses.
I thought I wouldn’t get over the pain,
yet you showed me how flawed this thinking was.
Everybody gets hurt and they die a little bit,
when the love they nurture withered inside.
But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a willing heart
and hands that know how to heal.

My heart is slowly mending, your band-aids did the
yet I will keep them for the meantime,
to remind me that wounds can heal if only I let
someone come closer and care for them.
And perhaps in the process find something more
than healing hands like love unsuspecting.

– eamarifosque 040113-