Shut the Door









Shut the door, shut it tight
let not the shadows come in tonight.
The room is awash with the warmest light
by candle flames that shine with might.

Don’t crack the windows open, don’t you dare,
cold’s fingers will come so beware
when they snuff the flames will you care
as darkness envelopes you in its snare?

Huddle closer to the warmth of the flames
don’t get drawn by the night’s enticing games,
even when it beckons know that it aims
to eat your soul just like it claims.

Shut the door, shut it tight,
stay away from the shadows tonight.
They come, they come, to steal your light,
leave you with your sorrows before you can take flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 021814-


When Love Attacks











“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks
simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.” – Lao Tzu

Love indeed is the strongest,
always striking three times
the head, the senses and the heart,
leaving you a prisoner of chaos and passion.

Its sound resounds loud and clear,
reverberating to your very being,
the ecstasy flowing through your fingertips
taking you further than you’ve ever been.

It transforms you into an unexpected poet
as you write of the passion that stirs
with every thunderous beat of your heart
into words that your lips and eyes wish to speak of.

It changes you without warning, slowly but surely,
like the incoming tide on the sandy shore,
washing away bits and pieces of who you are,
yet polishing you into scarred perfection.

It is cruel at times but there is room for sweetness,
though a bitter taste can linger when its taken for granted,
there are still other spices to stir love’s concoction with
that will dilute the aftertaste of love forsaken.

Love indeed is the strongest, for it can make and unmake you,
bind and break you, wound and heal you,
destroy and rebuild you, capture and release you,
and it goes on and on, never faltering, timeless as time itself.

-©eamarifosque 021714-


Where Will Your Feet Take You Today








Where will your feet take you today
now that you’ve lost your bearings,
floating without a compass to guide you,
alone in the endless sea of uncertainty?

Where will your feet take you today
now that you’re walking on your own,
the familiar hand holding yours is gone
leaving empty spaces between your fingers?

Where will your feet take you today
now that you’re surrounded by the shadows,
the light is slowly going dimmer by the minute
would you find an end to your wanderings?

-©The Elusive Scribe 021414-


Be My Valentine







Should I write you a love letter
letting the sweetest words appear
on these blank pieces of paper
telling you what I’d do if you’re near?

Should I woo you with kisses
press them tenderly upon your lips,
and with the softest of touch shall caress
your cheeks with my fingertips?

Should I read you a poem tonight
the one that I’ve kept hidden all this time
read it with such passionate delight
not listening to it would be a crime?

Should I dance for you under the starlit skies
swaying hips in rhythm with the flames
capturing your attention and your desires
bringing passion to our little games?

Should I make you mine this valentine
and offer my heart to you on bended knee,
whisper to you how I want you to be mine
and share the secret that love whispered to me?

-©eamarifosque 021214-









I see you standing there
waiting to be consumed by eyes that see
the loneliness that you wear
like a mantle draped heavily on your shoulders.
I can taste your sorrow that drips
from your mouth with every word that you say
a bitterness that needs to be dispelled
by the touch of sweetness these lips could bring.
If only you’d let me come closer,
welcome you in these arms of mine.
I’l take away the anger and build up the hunger,
just a taste is all it will take
for the fire to start burning into our souls,
consuming every thought, every hurt
until the screams of our shadows break
the infinite silence of the stars that are out tonight.

-The Elusive Scribe 020714-