by your side


i will lie by your side and watch you deep in sleep,
loving the way my hands cradle your head as you
put your trust in me.
these moments when everything is right with the
just the two of us, loving every single moment that
our hearts have in store for us.
until the morrow comes and we’ll go back to a world
where we can’t do anything but be apart,
waiting for the end that we often speak of in dreams,
where we are the ones who will write our happy

-eamarifosque 062413-


heart strings


blood red strings that tie me to you,
swell with every beat of my heart and yours.
tied round and round on our beating hearts,
binding us together though we are miles apart.
these lifelines that we cling to as days go by,
are fed by love that even distance can’t stop.
these knots we tie we hope won’t unravel,
but instead grow stronger as we fall more in love with each other.
until the time comes that we can be together,
to live our lives with one another.

-The Elusive Scribe 061713-


A Toast to the Night


a toast to the night that came to claim
the winged sorrows perched on shoulders
stooped with the burden of its sins of yesterday.
the night that came to release sorrow’s taloned grip
on this soul that knows nothing of tomorrow
until it found the light within you.
here’s to the night and it’s promise of
a better day, with a cup brimming with hope
for this heart that longs for happiness
it already found in your arms that she chose
to be her refuge against the world.
hail to the night as it deepens first
before growing paler by the minute, as you,
her sun, comes ever so slowly closer to her,
her heart, her love.
awaken the smile she reserves only for you,
as the night retreats back with her sorrows
in the palms of its hands.
awaken her with a kiss from your lips
that she craves the most and see her unfold
like a flower in full bloom.
and when you see the beauty of you reflected
in her eyes in love with the sight of you,
give a toast to the night that took away the brooding
shadows of her sorrows that roosted on her shoulders
and then gave back to her her life she chose
to live with you.

-The Elusive Scribe 061013-


Come Home


to me and in my arms tonight,
let me hold you close to my chest
with my heart pressed close to you.

come home to me and rest by my hearth,
let me ease your troubles
and banish your pain.

come home to me and be at peace,
let me love you the way you
should be loved with abandon.

come home to me and you’ll never have to
wake up alone and hurting any more.
for i will be here for you my darling,
this i promise as long as you come home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052913-


If I Could


If I could wake up to the sound of your voice
calling me for breakfast,
I will jump out of bed without pause
because I know you’re waiting for me.

If I could call you up any time I want
and listen to your voice that makes me melt,
I will not hang up at all but spend the day
trading stories with you.

If I could laugh at our silly antics
while listening to that deep chuckle of yours,
I know I will never have any reason at all
to shed tears of sadness when I’m with you.

If I could hear you whisper my name
with such longing and passion,
I will not waste another minute at all
but I will find a way to be with you.

If I could close my eyes with the thought
that I will wake up to your voice,
I will gladly kiss you goodnight
and whisper, “I love you.”

-eamarifosque 052913-




I will write your name on pillars of sand
and etch your name on stones littering the ground.
I will carve your name on barks of wood
and print your name on blank pieces of paper.
I will call out your name against the night
and it will echo well beyond the daylight.
I will whisper your name to the stars
and I will sing your name to the angels above.
I will taste your name as it rolls from my lips
and I will delight in your name as I say it over
and over again.

-The Elusive Scribe 052713-


Pauses in Between


Everything is silent even the world that is used to us
burning the lines of technological spaces.
These hollow feelings caused by pauses in between,
a bitter taste like swallowing a cup of ashes
of burned hearts and letters we’ve written on the
These moments of silence how easily they can strip
the very foundations of who we are that we’ve built
while discovering the meaning of each other.
But still we have the courage to put everything to right,
even as the weary days pass us by without end.
And here we are still patching things up
because that’s who we are when we’re in love.
Breaking rules, breaking grounds just to fill the gap
that float between us like distances do.
And we find ourselves seeking out each other,
even in the spaces and darkness in our lives.
Hoping that our hands will reach out and find one
even when these pauses in between are tearing us

-eamarifosque 050613-




Beloved, you are wanted by this heart that craves
a love like yours that no one else can replace.
Hungry for the quiet bliss that you’ll permit
to give this heart that longs for your embrace.
Beloved, that’s who you are.
An endearment I will whisper after your name.
A word so simple yet has a world of meanings
but only one name that belongs to my heart.
Beloved, be mine even for a night.
I’ll not let you go but wrap you in my arms so tight.
Listen to my heartbeat and hear its tempo
the sound of my love I long to share with you.
Beloved, I will keep my promise
to have patience while I wait
for you to escape the darkness that you are in
and I’ll be here to save you when you call my name.


– The Elusive Scribe 042913-


Behind the Starlit Skies


Behind the star lit skies there lies
a princess with wings crying in the night.
For she is waiting for her lover true,
who only comes when the moon is blue.
She knows he is the one for her,
but why is it taking him so long?
To come and brighten her world,
just like the way the sun does in the morning.
Her nights are all quiet and dark,
except for her star-lit lanterns that she hung
around her little cloudy castle,
to light his way back into her arms.

-eamarifosque 041213-


I Never Wanted

I never wanted
all the riches of the world,
for even when I’m living
in a house full of cracks and holes,
everything will look perfect
if I am with you.

I never wanted
fine jewels to grace my hands and neck.
For a crown of flowers upon my head
is more precious to me than all the gold
if it was given by you.

I never wanted
to be dressed in satin and silk,
for I am not a princess nor do I wish to be.
Even the plainest of clothes I will wear,
if it will bring that beautiful smile
to your face.

I never wanted
to be flaunted to the world,
just to tell me how much I am loved.
Even when it’s just the two of us
in our own little corner of the world,
I will still love the love you offer me.

-eamarifosque 041513-