How We First Met

incessant chatter of excited students
buzzed around me like busy bees
as I sit in quiet contemplation
of this new life offered to me
and in the midst of the madness
in the chaos that swirled
there you sat in silence
an enigma for me to solve
your brooding eyes have caught me
and like a deer I dared not move
but then you flashed your smile
and I can’t help but smile too
captivated by your wit and charm
you made this heart beat so fast
and in your eyes I saw beauty
I have never discovered before
the distance between us slowly shortened
as we reached for each others hands
and we danced to the music playing
oblivious to the people around us
oh what bliss to be held in your arms
feeling the innocence of young love
strangers at first but blossomed into somehting more
but although it didn’t last forever
the memory still lingers inside my head
that moment when we first met

-©The Elusive Scribe 052014-


Be My Valentine







Should I write you a love letter
letting the sweetest words appear
on these blank pieces of paper
telling you what I’d do if you’re near?

Should I woo you with kisses
press them tenderly upon your lips,
and with the softest of touch shall caress
your cheeks with my fingertips?

Should I read you a poem tonight
the one that I’ve kept hidden all this time
read it with such passionate delight
not listening to it would be a crime?

Should I dance for you under the starlit skies
swaying hips in rhythm with the flames
capturing your attention and your desires
bringing passion to our little games?

Should I make you mine this valentine
and offer my heart to you on bended knee,
whisper to you how I want you to be mine
and share the secret that love whispered to me?

-©eamarifosque 021214-


Ballet Slippers

for a poetry writing challenge

for a poetry writing challenge









The light slowly creeps in from the broken window,
touching gently fading memories of music and you.
You used to wear these ballet slippers in the shadow,
emerging from the darkness all radiant in blue.
The sweetest notes were played on this piano old
as you closed your eyes and danced with abandon,
I watched enthralled in silence outside the cold
not daring to move, not even breathe, lest I cry for pardon
for breaking the magic that you weave with your feet
that you used to rob me of my senses and captivate my heart.
Yet everything is gone, you’re no longer here my sweet,
I was too late to tell you I’m ready to play my part.
To be the one you’ll only dance to as the music starts to play,
my eyes tracing your every movement like a lover’s caress,
but the table is covered in dust now, just like the words I want to say,
if only I didn’t abandon you, I wouldn’t be in distress,
that your world I used to covet has now gone and vanished,
leaving me with just a faint image of you and your forgotten ballet slippers.

-The Elusive Scribe 110413-


The Dreams Will Come Tonight

The dreams will come tonight like the rolling mist
and in the shadows that form half heartedly,
I shall dance to the slow song that your guitar sings.
With every strum of your fingers my feet will move
swaying hips to the rhythm that your music creates.
And by the light of the moon and the sigh of the stars
we will be making music out of our own desires,
with every sway of our bodies and the songs on our lips,
the fire within us will burn bright as day.
Eclipsing the brilliance of the moon and stars combined
we will melt with the searing heat that our love creates,
until we’re one in the world of dreams we’ve built,
in the halls of our memories where we seek each other out
holding tight lest our dreams fade away
and remind us that we are miles apart.

-eamarifosque 102313-


kaneva.comNow the flames shall burn as night closes in,
you’re the light that ignites the fuel
that courses through these veins.
Tell me now if you’re ready to play with fire,
strike the match, we’re gonna dance tonight,
between the tongues of flame that lick our skin,
our sweat covered bodies will seek each other out.
And as the fire we’ve conjured with each searing kiss,
rise up to bring down the heaven to its knees,
we shall swim in the depths of our desires,
until we find release as we look into each others eyes.

-The Elusive Scribe 092613-


Dance of a Delirious Mind

the dance of a delirious mind
is like the swirling of colors
that is mixed in a palette,
with the bristles of a brush
that lightly strokes the blank canvas.

colors running down
with every glide of soft bristles,
like tears slowly rolling down
on satin soft cheeks that were once kissed
with reverence.

the dance of a delirious mind
is like a million dreams coalescing,
slowly forming into one,
flickering and flashing,
until they merge into a whole.

dreams of hopes and fears,
of nightmares and daydreams,
that were once trying to escape
but now blending together,
to form a better dream with you in it.

-The Elusive Scribe 082713-


Delight in the Darkness


We revel under the blackness of the night,
where shadows play and fires burn,
on flesh tattooed with hearts entwined,
all but invisible to the naked eye.

We dance to senseless music that plays
in the background of our hungry minds,
swaying to the beat of pumping blood,
that flow like raging liquid heat inside.

We sing our thoughts out loud to the sky,
with passion and ecstasy combined,
our sweat covered bodies do shine,
against the sleeping darkness of the night.

-The Elusive Scribe 051313-