fractured songs and battered cds
half finished poetry stained with coffee
eyes looking inward as forgotten cigarette burns
inching its way closer to calloused fingers
the stench of stale air mingles with sweat
as sweltering heat envelopes the body
hunched over papers that are scattered
filled with fragments of memory
scribbled haphazardly
where is the muse that lights the fire
underneath where the words reside?
the space offers no answer as the pen lies still
not an echo to be heard, no ripples to be felt
not even a drop of inspiration comes to mind
the papers they remain on the floor unnoticed
powdered with dust and blotches of tears
-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 052114-



Never let the sun go down
on dreams you’ve slowly built,
with bits and pieces of hope
you’ve found on life’s two way street.

It doesn’t matter whether it takes you a while
until you realize your dreams,
because they can be hard to fulfill but in the end
you will end up doing them all the same.

Don’t lose hope, don’t despair
even when you think you can’t get to the end.
Life has a way of surprising you,
even when you’re already at your wit’s end.

Just give it all that you have,
don’t mind making mistakes.
It’s all part of the game
there is no need to be ashamed.

For once you’ve caught your dreams
in the palms of your hand
you’ll never forget the road you’ve travelled,
until you finally reached the end.

-The Elusive Scribe 081013-



2013-08-07 17.51.39

May you find the answers you seek in the silence of your soul,
and emerge into the world with a clearer mind than before.
May you find solace in the arms of the wind that will carry,
the wounds you’ve forgotten away from your heart.
May you find the kind of peace you have been looking for,
when you stare at the stars that surround the light of the moon.
May you find hope with the coming of the day,
as it bathes you with the softest of glows.
So that when you walk this world where darkness sometimes reigns,
you will be braver, bolder and stronger than before.


-eamarifosque 080713-


It Was

It was the way you held my hand
and how you gazed into my eyes,
that caused this heart to beat so frantically.
It was that smile you gave me
and the way you caressed my face
that sent shivers down my spine.
It was the way you spoke to me
and the way you stood proud beside me
that made me fall in love so easily.
It was the way you sit in silence
and the way you listened to me
that taught me that I am never alone.
It was the way you made me laugh
and how you eased the frown from my brows
that made me want you even more.
It was the way you kissed me softly
and the way you hold me close to your heart
that told me that I’m quite lucky
having you in my life.

-eamarifosque 073113-


You Are Beauty


When you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see,
just remember you are beauty in every way that you can be.
Your hair may be unruly, your eyes may not be your best,
but that smile on your lips will definitely outshine the rest.
Your nose can be too broad or your feet too small,
but these are the things that make you different, accept them all.
Perfection isn’t necessary, you are beauty in your own way,
no matter what flaws you see, they’re the things that make you unique.
If change is what you want, change the flaws in your character,
for exterior beauty can fade but what’s inside you
you will bring until you lie in your grave.

-The Elusive Scribe 072513-



Ikaw ang umagang nais kong masilayan
at ang gabi’y para sa ating mga pusong nagmamahalan.
Ang iyong liwanag ang syang pupukaw
sa dilim na bumabalot sa aking isipan
at syang gagabay sa akin palapit
sa iyong mga nakaabang na mga kamay.
Ang aking takbuhan, ang aking tahanan,
sa piling mo’y ibibigay ang aking kalayaan,
at ang pangakong walang ibang hahagkan
‘pagkat ang puso kong minsan nang nasaktan,
ay sa iyo natutong magmahal ng walang hanggan.


You are the morning that I wish to wake up to
and the night is for our hearts that love.
Your light will be the one to banish
the darkness that wraps my mind
and will guide me closer to your hands
that are already reaching out.
You are the one I run to, my home,
and with you I will give my freedom,
and the promise that there is no one else I’ll kiss,
for this heart that got hurt before
because of you learned to love forevermore.

-eamarifosque 062513-


No Goodbyes


There will be no goodbyes between us,
only partings with a smile and a quick embrace.
Goodbyes sound like forever,
just like memories as they start to fade.
Our kisses will not be of longing,
but of hope pressed by lips upon lips.

There will be no goodbyes between us,
no tears shall cascade down our cheeks.
Our eyes will not glisten with sorrow
but burn with the faith that we have,
that our love will cover great distances,
and grow even when we are miles apart.

There will be no goodbyes between us
for partings aren’t always that happy.
So I will wait with bated breath
and with hope fluttering in my heart
that the road you will be walking one of these days
shall be the road that will lead you back home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 062413-