My First Ever Sunshine Award!

What a wonderful morning it is! After checking my blog, I found a sweet note from Ms. Jill who nominated me for an award. Sunshine Award sounds awesome and I do love the sunshine myself since I am a bit of a solar powered girl. 😀 I can’t thank you enough Ms. Jill for thinking about my blog and for visiting my site often. You guys can read her amazing works too right here: http://jilllondon.wordpress.com. 🙂

first ever!!! :D

first ever!!! 😀

For the Sunshine award: Here are the rules:

  1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your Blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 Bloggers.
  5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their Blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m going to keep today’s questions a little shorter than last time ;-)

–        Favourite food: Chicken Curry by my mom and sister. 🙂

–       A Favourite actor:Daniel Day Lewis (can this question be favorite actors?:D)

–       Favourite TV show: Hands down Criminal Minds is my favorite. 🙂

–       Favourite tearjerker: I am Sam.

–       Favourite sport:  Volleyball since I used to be in a varsity team during my younger days.

–       Lucky number:8 is a cute number and also my lucky one and it can also stand for infinity when it’s lying down on its side. 😀

–       Tea or coffee: Coffee!

–       Holidays – rest on the beach or active time: I prefer active time then finish it up by resting on the beach. I can do both, right? 😀

–       Twitter or Facebook: Facebook

–       Favourite Christmas Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There you have it. My answers to the very short questions.

As for the 10 bloggers I would like to nominate for this award, here they are:

1. http://seshatwuji.wordpress.com/

2. http://geosans.wordpress.com

3. http://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/

4. http://wordsthatflowlikewater.wordpress.com

5. http://hughiegibson.wordpress.com

6. http://alexisnsalerno.wordpress.com

7. http://jrosenberry1.wordpress.com

8. http://literarylandofalysia.wordpress.com

9. http://mesayah.wordpress.com

10. http://kirstywirsty.wordpress.com

Please check out these blogs and I’m sure you’ll love them just like I did. 🙂

Again, thank you Ms. Jill for nominating me for this award.

Blessings to everyone!

-The Elusive Scribe –



Well, it was fun being part of the NaPoWriMo experience and I would gladly do it again. I’m surprised that I was able to write poems on a daily basis. I guess I will keep at it for the rest of the year. 🙂

Here’s my final piece for this month. Enjoy!


Waiting in silence, waiting in darkness.
The lights are turned off while the moon is full,
everything is in place except for you.
Where you are, I don’t have a clue.
Still I sit, waiting patiently for a glimpse of you.
The night deepens its hold on the sky,
and the stars have come alive,
but there is still no sign of you.
And yet here I am still waiting.
Waiting like a stone statue that watches,
never moving yet being torn apart by winds of time.
Waiting still even when the night gave way
to the day that creeps from its hiding place.
Waiting without thought
just hoping against hope.


-The Elusive Scribe 043013-




Beloved, you are wanted by this heart that craves
a love like yours that no one else can replace.
Hungry for the quiet bliss that you’ll permit
to give this heart that longs for your embrace.
Beloved, that’s who you are.
An endearment I will whisper after your name.
A word so simple yet has a world of meanings
but only one name that belongs to my heart.
Beloved, be mine even for a night.
I’ll not let you go but wrap you in my arms so tight.
Listen to my heartbeat and hear its tempo
the sound of my love I long to share with you.
Beloved, I will keep my promise
to have patience while I wait
for you to escape the darkness that you are in
and I’ll be here to save you when you call my name.


– The Elusive Scribe 042913-


Hulihin ang Oras


Igapos natin ang tumatakbong oras
pigilan ang mga kamay na kumukumpas.
Ihinto ang mga segundong bumubuo ng minuto
para hindi sila magkita ng mga oras na nais lumipas
sa bilin ng mundong patuloy sa pag ikot.
Igapos natin ang oras ng mahigpit
huwang syang palayain ‘pagkat ito’y ating katapusan.
Panatilihin natin ang sandaling ito
na tayo’y magkatabi at masayang magkapiling.
Basahin natin ang isa’t-isa
sa bawat haplos ng mga kamay
sa katawang unti-unting nabubuhay.
Ang mga mata’y patuloy na nangungusap
na angkinin natin ang oras na ito.
Palayain natin ang ikinukubling pag-ibig
na magliyab sa ating mga dibdib
at hayaan syanng lumagos sa ating mga kamay at labi
kung saan tayo maaaring maging isa
habang hawak natin ang nahuli nating oras.



Forgot to post this yesterday. 😀

-The Elusive Scribe 042813-


She Was


She was the woman I was once,
hiding behind several masks.
Afraid to let people in,
fearing they might not like
what their eyes could see.

She was the other side of me,
the darkness that clings to my light.
Can’t stand to be abandoned,
yet kept on receding back to the shadows.

She was the voice inside my head,
whispering incessantly in my every waking day.
The halls of my imagination she claims for her own,
where she creates monsters even from dust motes.

She was me in every sense of the word,
and now we are one for I’ve mastered my fear.
She and I are whole once more,
ready to face tomorrow stronger than before.


-The Elusive Scribe 042713-


Will You


Will you be in my dreams, my sweet?
Will you wait till I close my eyes?
Will you be there waiting for me?
Will you wait the night?
Will you come and sit by my side?
Will you stare into my deep brown eyes?
Will you let your fingers caress my skin?
Will you let your lips linger on mine?
Will you hold me tight tonight of all nights?
Will you be there when I open my eyes?
Will you be there sleeping by my side?


-The Elusive Scribe 042613-


To Us


We bend hundreds of illusions
to form our own reality,
to cover these broken steel frames
that surround us underneath the starlit skies.
Our dreams spread out into space
are like stepping stones hanging in limbo
floating and unsure of what the future can bring.

We bleed in silence for the hurts
that break our quiet travels,
from old lovers and the new ones
we carve their names on distant memories,
to depart from our presence
and be buried in far flung spaces,
never to be unearthed yet forever remembered.

We love like the distant stars
that shine with such glorious abandon,
diamonds of the night we are
precious souls searching for one another
hoping that one day we will find
our hands wrapped around each other.

-eamarifosque 042113-


A Virus that Kills


Flushed cheeks and labored breathing,
pulse beating and pounding like crazy.
The noise of the crowd is receding,
hearing nothing but you speaking.
Trembling hands and weakened knees,
what madness is this, can you tell me please?
My mind’s thoughts are all quiet and still,
cold as ice like last year’s winter’s chill.
I am tempted to reach out and kiss
those lips of yours to taste real bliss.
But perhaps this is just a prelude to a dream,
where things may not be what they seem.
Or a deadly virus that is spreading inside me,
and one that I won’t do anything but leave it be.


-The Elusive Scribe 042513-


Half Past Two


Trading smiles at half past two,
we cared nothing for the people passing by.
Our thoughts centered on the sparks that flew
across the space between us,
electrifying us to mobility,
until our steps carried us to each other.
And in the seconds that passed our eyes communed,
like long lost lovers found anew.
A tentative touch to brush off a lock of hair,
a gesture so simple yet so sweet.
Your hand reached out as did mine,
and we felt the familiar taste of fear
that only new found love can bring.
But in the depths of our hearts we knew,
that this is the one we shall hold true.


-The Elusive Scribe 042413-