Shifted by the moon







A sliver of light appears as clouds do part
trailing its finger upon an exposed heart
beating secret words into works of art
once clutched to chest now bursting apart.

And so the words do form under the moon’s gaze,
like winds that swirl and billow in the haze.
This tender heart chases after its muse in a maze
seeking clarity even though it’s in a daze.

What madness lies then in the deepening night?
Shifted by the moon these thoughts do ignite.
cold at first but then they burn so bright
spreading like wildfire that has taken flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012914-









i saw you wandering across the sky
plucking you from the waning light.

i held your fragile form in cupped hands
wanting to see you light up my life.

i watched you glow incandescently
mesmerizing me in the descending night.

I opened my hands to set you free
watching you take your light away from me.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012914-


Trail of Words





let me write a trail of words
that speak what’s in my heart
read them well and pray do tell
if you feel the same way too.

can’t stop the words from pouring
from lips to hands before mingling
with the blackest of inks that shape
these emotions that rage within.

let me write then in words
the truth that this heart yearns to speak
that in the chaos it learns to love still
the beauty in this madness that you bring.

can’t fight the flow of words
i guess i don’t even want to
it’s the only way for me to reach you
speaking in silence from a distance.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012814-


Cold Fingers







slowly your cold fingers touch mine
numbing their senses as i flex them in time
sitting here waiting for the sun to rise
to thaw the ice that you bring with your smile.
wrapped in red wool with a cup of coffee in hand
tendrils of warmth float to reddened cheeks
at last i can feel the sun’s solemn caress
as its rays dance upon my window sill.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012614-


A Wish for Silence









sometimes you wish for the silence
that stillness where you can be alone
with your thoughts to sift through
trying to unravel the knots that form
in the sea of doubts and self-deprecation.

sometimes the silence can be a friend
when you feel that you’ve lost the horizon
drifting without direction, without course
unsure of where to drop your heavy anchor
as the waves keep crashing and crashing.

sometimes in the silence comes clarity
a flash of light in the midst of darkness
the chaos that runs rampant becomes peaceful
a sigh of contentment, a smile will bloom
and all is right with the world once more.

-The Elusive Scribe 012114-


Across the Space






Is it that hard to reach across the space
with our fingertips almost touching
straining against the void
the blackness that surrounds us?
Would our hands ever touch
banishing the distance
locking fingers in a clasp
holding fast, holding tight?
Can we claim what’s ours
even as judging eyes follow
unafraid by each others side
with our hands entwined?
Is this the right time for us
to be bold in face of all the odds
that everything we hoped for
will be possible as our worlds collide?

-The Elusive Scribe 011614-












there is a longing in the sigh of the wind
cold breath that presses against the skin
timid in its softness as it blows
ruffling the edges of a dream.

a secret longing hard pressed to keep
slowly straining to be released
a wish to be unleashed unchecked
to claim what it most desires.

such sweet longing whispered into the night
praying into the starlit skies
an end to the waiting and the wanting
a light in the darkness to shine.

-eamarifosque 011414-