The kiss of the dawn that stains the skies
life slowly stirs under the covers
as the sun stretches its gentle fingers
melting away the chill of the night

the fragrance of percolating coffee
and the sizzling of frying bacon
there is warmth in every sip
and hunger satiated with every bite

The feeling of being alive
inhaling the sweetness of life
watching the world as it comes to
while the cold embrace of the night fades

-©The Elusive Scribe 073114-


Revive a Broken Dream









cast away the doubts that plague you
sweep away the cobwebs of fear
open the windows to your hope wide open
it’s time to revive your broken dream

leave behind the chains of uncertainty
that shackle you from fulfilling your dream
be brave enough to pick up the pieces
the remnants of your broken dream

the fire is waiting to flourish
you only need to fan the flames
stoke the embers of the dying light
your broken dream should be realized

-©The Elusive Scribe 071614-


Breaking Peace









the peace attained now ruined
your presence seeps effortlessly
into carefully reconstructed self
your image insinuating yet again

memories best forgotten
come flooding back raging
raging into the deepest corners
where even a thought of you isn’t allowed

how easily you break the silence
with your presence hardly needed
what is it I found in you
that disturbs me so completely?

-©The Elusive Scribe 070814-