Breaking Peace









the peace attained now ruined
your presence seeps effortlessly
into carefully reconstructed self
your image insinuating yet again

memories best forgotten
come flooding back raging
raging into the deepest corners
where even a thought of you isn’t allowed

how easily you break the silence
with your presence hardly needed
what is it I found in you
that disturbs me so completely?

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 070814-



Where can i find solitude amidst the noise
that battle enraged in this head of mine?
thoughts that fight, either wrong or right,
clamoring for release, begging to be freed.
pen and paper are no match for the ruckus
causing bleeding ink to drip senselessly
on virgin paper mingling with tears.

Peace is all i want yet my mind won’t stop
thinking thoughts that plant seeds of doubt
tried so hard to stop the angry flow,
yet they come relentlessly, causing my undoing.
For the thoughts that flow from mind to paper
scream out in anger and hate, the turmoil within,
stripping away the gates that bar them
from ever seeing the light of day.

-The Elusive Scribe 092413-



the waves are softly dancing,
reaching out their hands towards the shore,
beckoning souls to wander into their midst,
to bring back to their watery home.

the waves keep on coming,
calling out to tortured souls that wait
standing by the shore seeking solace
to the hurts their minds do bear.

the waves are already rolling,
tugging softly at flesh cold to the touch,
egging them towards their silent home below,
where peace they may find upon their escape.

-The Elusive Scribe 091013-



2013-08-07 17.51.39

May you find the answers you seek in the silence of your soul,
and emerge into the world with a clearer mind than before.
May you find solace in the arms of the wind that will carry,
the wounds you’ve forgotten away from your heart.
May you find the kind of peace you have been looking for,
when you stare at the stars that surround the light of the moon.
May you find hope with the coming of the day,
as it bathes you with the softest of glows.
So that when you walk this world where darkness sometimes reigns,
you will be braver, bolder and stronger than before.


-eamarifosque 080713-


Come Home


to me and in my arms tonight,
let me hold you close to my chest
with my heart pressed close to you.

come home to me and rest by my hearth,
let me ease your troubles
and banish your pain.

come home to me and be at peace,
let me love you the way you
should be loved with abandon.

come home to me and you’ll never have to
wake up alone and hurting any more.
for i will be here for you my darling,
this i promise as long as you come home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052913-