Peeping from the darkness that envelope the skies
a flutter of light, faint from its distance
a signal, a beacon, a warrior
against the shadows, it raises its banner
calling through space and beyond worlds
for other stars to lend their shine
to break the cloak of impenetrable darkness
bringing starlight to eyes upturned
to the heavens, waiting for hope

-TheElusiveScribe 01262017-


Shut the Door









Shut the door, shut it tight
let not the shadows come in tonight.
The room is awash with the warmest light
by candle flames that shine with might.

Don’t crack the windows open, don’t you dare,
cold’s fingers will come so beware
when they snuff the flames will you care
as darkness envelopes you in its snare?

Huddle closer to the warmth of the flames
don’t get drawn by the night’s enticing games,
even when it beckons know that it aims
to eat your soul just like it claims.

Shut the door, shut it tight,
stay away from the shadows tonight.
They come, they come, to steal your light,
leave you with your sorrows before you can take flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 021814-


Where Will Your Feet Take You Today








Where will your feet take you today
now that you’ve lost your bearings,
floating without a compass to guide you,
alone in the endless sea of uncertainty?

Where will your feet take you today
now that you’re walking on your own,
the familiar hand holding yours is gone
leaving empty spaces between your fingers?

Where will your feet take you today
now that you’re surrounded by the shadows,
the light is slowly going dimmer by the minute
would you find an end to your wanderings?

-©The Elusive Scribe 021414-


A Wish for Silence









sometimes you wish for the silence
that stillness where you can be alone
with your thoughts to sift through
trying to unravel the knots that form
in the sea of doubts and self-deprecation.

sometimes the silence can be a friend
when you feel that you’ve lost the horizon
drifting without direction, without course
unsure of where to drop your heavy anchor
as the waves keep crashing and crashing.

sometimes in the silence comes clarity
a flash of light in the midst of darkness
the chaos that runs rampant becomes peaceful
a sigh of contentment, a smile will bloom
and all is right with the world once more.

-The Elusive Scribe 012114-












there is a longing in the sigh of the wind
cold breath that presses against the skin
timid in its softness as it blows
ruffling the edges of a dream.

a secret longing hard pressed to keep
slowly straining to be released
a wish to be unleashed unchecked
to claim what it most desires.

such sweet longing whispered into the night
praying into the starlit skies
an end to the waiting and the wanting
a light in the darkness to shine.

-eamarifosque 011414-



2013-10-24 17.01.38







Where’s the light that once showed me the way,
the path leading to your embrace?
The stars are gone and the moon’s asleep,
where o’ where are you my lighthouse dear?

Where’s the light that comes from deep within?
only darkness ensues, you melt with the shadows.
How can I find the door to your heart,
when you blend with the night, leaving my sight?

Where’s the light that you used to hold,
the one that draws me deeper into you?
Can it be that you’ve doused the fire that burns,
leaving me with nothing but an empty lighthouse?

-The Elusive Scribe 102413-