Peeping from the darkness that envelope the skies
a flutter of light, faint from its distance
a signal, a beacon, a warrior
against the shadows, it raises its banner
calling through space and beyond worlds
for other stars to lend their shine
to break the cloak of impenetrable darkness
bringing starlight to eyes upturned
to the heavens, waiting for hope

-TheElusiveScribe 01262017-









It’s there
Out of reach
All you have to do
Is to let go
of the anger
the hate
and doubt
that filled
the chambers
of your betrayed
beating heart

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 040714-


New Beginnings










Time to wipe away the crystals that fall
that break into pools of salty water
upon ink stained surface that used to hold
fragments of worlds built on written words.

The darkness has smudged the dreamer’s dream
blurring hope into gut wrenching nightmares
the ink has run and ruined the letters
turn the page, it’s time for a new beginning.

A new day has dawned, the storm has passed
for the ragged soul a new life has come,
open wide the windows and taste the breeze
yesterday’s pain should just be a memory.

Close the door on hurts best forgotten
healing will come one way or another
choose to fight like a warrior within
start rebuilding your shattered dreams.

Live in the light instead of the shadows
shake away the cobwebs of doubt and despair
repair your broken thoughts and damaged heart
a new chapter is about to begin.
-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 031114-


Unwanted Pain

weaving words with pen on blank pieces of paper,
corrupting virgin surface with tears of ink,
the words come like flowing river,
filling up the page with the darkest of images
that can only come from a mind bereft of the light.
no hope filters through the shadows of despair
that wrapped their fingers on her grieving soul,
clenching them into fists to bleed her heart
of the hurts that she bore in silence alone.

what wicked fate brought her this unwanted pain,
when all she ever wanted was a piece of heaven
she thought she could find in her lover’s arms.
but she is played like a guitar with broken strings,
and she danced to the tune of his falsities
until her feet start to bleed on shards of shattered glass
of her dreams he broke with all of his forgotten promises.

she is weeping deep inside though her smile never falters,
and you can see in her eyes that she is slowly dying,
and with every word she spilled on the pages of her book,
she is transferring a little bit of her self,
hoping that she could save the innocent that was once her
and let it live the life she could not have on dreams
conjured by a fragment of hope that clings to her deep within.

-The Elusive Scribe 102213-


Hope breeds in every breath expelled,
from mouths that speak their hearts’ desire,
slowly building dreams as lovers lie
on soft ground staring at the starry skies.

Hands seeking hands in the depths of the moon,
lending strength to wayward hearts that commune,
as their battle scarred and worn out souls
find true healing listening to each other’s tune.

And as the night deepens so does their song,
of hearts and minds that both found their home,
in tight embraces and yearning kisses,
until both are spent and lying breathless.

-eamarifosque 091413-


The Edge

Fancy seeing you here, at the edge of everything.
Sitting on the ledge the fathomless abyss before us.
We both watched in silence, how the darkness seems to magnify
its presence before us beckoning us to jump.

Jump down to its waiting arms, where we can find release,
from all the burdens that weigh us down, just let go for that elusive bliss.

And yet we sit unmoving, like two stone statues peering,
at the serene darkness of the abyss,
tethered to the ledge not speaking, just waiting and watching.

What is this that clings to us so?
Holding us back from embracing the darkness that calls to us?
Is it hope that stirs these limbs, moving us away from the edge?
To stop us from taking that final leap, into death’s cold embrace that waits?

-The Elusive Scribe 081013-



Between the sorrows that rain down on me
and the boundless troubles i’m standing on,
there is hope still that comes to save me,
from the anger that seeps and the pain that builds,
between the shadows of my past
and the uncertainty of my future.
i will face them all and be steadfast as i can be.
for i will hold on to the promise i made to thee,
that even though miles lie between us
and our paths rarely cross,
even between the silence that reigns both night and
I will keep the same love I’ve offered you before.
Even when doubts rage and rattle my bones and
I will keep the love you’ve kindled in me,
until the planets and stars align
and guide you back home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 070313-