On Books







Trailing fingers on ragged edges
breathing in your secret scent,
anticipating the treasure hidden
with hands trembling with excitement.

Waiting for the words to come
to ignite the senses and imagination,
transporting soul into another world
to see the world in a different light.

What secrets do you wish to share
with every twist and turn?
Your captivating words do ensnare
leaving me wanting and waiting for more.

Can’t wait to reach the end
the ride was well worth it,
fell in love then learned to hate
wished your story never had to end.
-Β©The Elusive Scribe 031714-


chasing moments, chasing time,
minutes are passing, how they fly.
can’t quite catch up, but still closing in,
hoping these palms can capture,
precious time and hold it back.
because i don’t want to miss another minute,
because i don’t want to miss another second,
of me finding ways to belong to you,
in all the ways i want to be,
because you’re the song i sing to,
and the music i dance to,
the words my world is filled with,
and the story i’m writing still.

-eamarifosque 051499-

an old poem I found while cleaning my room. πŸ˜€


Tangled Lines


How to unravel these tangled lines
of words in a jumbled mind?
To bring order to an already chaotic world
filled with monsters and heroes
and abandoned caves and decaying palaces?

How to unravel thoughts wound up tight,
stuck in a crowded room of daydreams,?
To separate the myths from the truths,
and bring out a story that will amuse?


-The Elusive Scribe 041213-


Down the Road

Down the Road

Walk with me down the road
and share with me your story.
I’ll tell you mine if you are ready
let’s not keep secrets you and I.
This path we take is for us
to discover the truth in us.

Walk with me down the road
let us learn more about each other.
Share with me your stories old
your ups even your downs.
Don’t be afraid I won’t judge you
you see, I have the same fears.

Walk with me down the road
let us be strangers no more.
What I am I will share with you
and you I’ll keep with me
for at the end of the road we’ll find
whether we are destined to be.



Traveling Snowmen

Christmas is just around the corner and here I am playing with my sister’s camera. She has some snowmen in her garden that I played with because I needed some reprieve from my writing. I call this photo shoot “The Traveling Snowmen”. πŸ˜€

Mr. Blue

Mr: Blue: What is this place?

Mr. Blue: “What is this place? I don’t remember the North Pole being this leafy.”


Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Mr. Blue? Where are you Mr. Blue?”

Tiny the Snowman lost sight of Mr. Blue. I heard him passing by and caught a snap of him in between leaves.


Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Mr.Blue! Finally, I found you!”

The kiddo seems so happy he finally found the older Mr.Blue.


Mr. Blue

Mr.Blue: “Come along, sonny. We have a long way to go.”

Mr. Blue said in a muffled way, “Come along, sonny. We have a long way to go. We can’t stop unless unless you want us to thaw.”

Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Coming Mr. Blue. Boy, this place sure looks strange. I thought we’d be blanketed in white.”

I hate to tell Tiny the Snowman that here in the tropics there is no snow. At least he won’t melt like what Mr. Blue thinks. πŸ™‚