they fall from the heavens
accompanied by silent tears
six feet below they go
hiding what’s underneath

strewn across the surface
that covers once lively soul
their fragrance, their farewell
blending with the earth

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 091614-




Behind her closed eyes she dreams
walking hand in hand with a memory
she chose to let go of yet kept
a figment to patch her broken heart

She dreams of the words she wove
uttered in whispers in the quiet night
to ears that she hoped would hear
what resided deep within

She sighs softly, her soul’s breath
escaping from parted lips
a dream cry she couldn’t contain
helpless as her memories play

Fading into the darkness
folding back into the depths
from her restless slumber she wakens
forgetting her memory’s dream

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 091514-