It Starts Here

It starts here
in this very room
where silence pervades
and a gentle breeze blows
that magic and mystery blends
as the pen starts to trace its steps
gliding, dancing, creating its spells
from nothing comes a thought, that flows
into words that goes and on and on
until the mind is spent
and the ink stops flowing

-The Elusive Scribe 02162017-


Stay Awhile

Will you stay awhile and listen to these words
That tumble haltingly from trembling lips?
Will you stay and hear what I have to say?
That in this vast ocean of flowing life
you’re the heart that this one seeks,
though trepidation always forms when eyes
touches yours even in a glance
a split second of happiness before darkness descends
that sudden warmth that tingles from fingertips
as they launch into writing a script meant
from the heart of hearts that yearns
that even for a moment you’ll stop and listen
to the song that someone is singing for you
and understand that you’re not the only one
who is alone in this crowded world

-The Elusive Scribe 02102017-


We Are No Longer Dreamers

We are no longer dreamers of this land
we refuse to listen with our hearts
and our eyes are already blinded
Our thoughts are starting to fade
as we simply follow the tide
Where are the dreamers? The fighters?
The thinkers?
Where are our voices that we used to speak?
Where is the hunger that drives us?
Is this our moment of forgetfulness,
of being washed away into nothingness?
Or is still there a tiny spark of life
waiting to be fanned into brilliant
and blinding light that can banish the shadows
of what we have become today?

-The Elusive Scribe 02082017-




As Always

Lovers have darkened her doorstep,
flowers they showered her with
and between the sheets they whispered
that she was the only one they need

As always tears had come and stained her cheeks,
now they’ve dried though some still cling
upon her lashes like misty dewdrops
waiting, waiting to fall

And from the darkness garbled love songs play
echoing her sadness, enhancing her loss
for as the music plays she’s still alone
waiting for her lovers though no one came at all

-The Elusive Scribe 02062017-


What Do You See?

afraid-of-the-darkphoto credit: snshafik – WordPress.com

What do you see as you lie in bed
underneath the covers, the lights gone dead?
Do you see the shadows creeping,
stretching their broken fingers upon your feet?
Or do you see the crack of light
under the door fading into nothingness?
What do you see as your imagination runs wild,
as you lie alone, shivering in the cold?
Do you see a shadow form, blacker than the night,
watching you from the corner of the room?
Or do you wonder whether there is something
hiding ‘neath your bed?
What do you see, child? What do you see?

-The Elusive Scribe 02042017-