The kiss of the dawn that stains the skies
life slowly stirs under the covers
as the sun stretches its gentle fingers
melting away the chill of the night

the fragrance of percolating coffee
and the sizzling of frying bacon
there is warmth in every sip
and hunger satiated with every bite

The feeling of being alive
inhaling the sweetness of life
watching the world as it comes to
while the cold embrace of the night fades

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 073114-


I’d Love to

I’d love to steal the first kiss from your lips
while the sun is still busy yawning in the horizon.
I’d love to be the one to pour you your coffee
even when I haven’t drank a sip from mine.
I’d love to be the one to see you off to work,
sending you kisses by the door.
I’d love to welcome you home with the tightest embrace,
and serve you the best dinner to satisfy your hunger.
I’d love to cuddle next to you while we watch TV
and who knows where this might lead if you’ve been good to me?
I’d love to leave you the sweetest kiss before you sleep,
and whisper to your ear that I’ll see you in my dreams.

-eamarifosque 102813-


Chase away the dark clouds that hover,
bring back the warmth that I crave,
you’re the sun that beats back the gloom,
the beautiful morning that I want to wake up to.
Wrap me in your arms, catch the tears that fall,
heal my aching heart, and I’ll be yours forevermore.
Bring back the smile that used to grace my lips,
trace it with your fingertips, let it blossom like a flower,
and drink from it your reward, the deepest kiss.

-eamarifosque 100113-


Behind the Starlit Skies


Behind the star lit skies there lies
a princess with wings crying in the night.
For she is waiting for her lover true,
who only comes when the moon is blue.
She knows he is the one for her,
but why is it taking him so long?
To come and brighten her world,
just like the way the sun does in the morning.
Her nights are all quiet and dark,
except for her star-lit lanterns that she hung
around her little cloudy castle,
to light his way back into her arms.

-eamarifosque 041213-


Summer Moments


Stolen moments from this sweltering summer heat,
hiding underneath the canopy of trees
breeze blowing flower petals in the air
dancing dreamily in our own quiet space.
We gaze at the sparkling sun shining
behind leaves that sway
giving us a glimpse of what we can be.
Our hands seek each other out in the silence of the
clutching tightly while smiles bloom in our faces.
A love like ours burns just like the summer sun,
scorching us with flames that grow with every moment
until it engulfs us deep within leaving nothing
but traces of our hearts that will forever beat as one.


-The Elusive Scribe 042213-


Untitled II

Staring out to the sea
with the wind caressing her hair,
she watches the sun settling
back to its warm cozy bed.
The coming of the night
stirred no dread in her heart,
even when houses start to bar
their windows and their doors.
Creeping from the cracks from the pavements,
and crevices from tattered walls,
the shadows come riding the
screeching sound of the furious wind,
that picks up fallen leaves, sticks and stones,
hurling them at silent houses making noise.
Shadows that hunt for spaces in between
and souls from within,
hungry for life that was taken from them
And by the rocky shores of the sea,
as the shadows gallop and caper all night,
she stands still with a sinister smile
playing on her lips.


-The Elusive Scribe 041913-


Falling Leaf


Falling like a leaf that has already let go
of its hold from the branches of the tree,
falling ever so slowly carried by the wind.
Dancing and turning in circles in limbo,
falling while watching the sun as it peeks,
from in between spaces of the leaves of the trees,
where the falling leaf used to live.


-eamarifosque 041413-