Stopping Time


The hours that make up the day don’t matter,
for when we are together time seems to stop.
The clock may tick and tock for all it’s worth,
but it will never move its hands.
For we have seized them in our own,
to keep them from moving.
To stop time because this is our beginning,
that is all we ask for this love of ours is just blooming.

-eamarifosque 033113-




Soft dawn is breaking
I hear the birds readying for the morning
the sun is slowly creeping
over the mountains it keeps on climbing.

I rouse myself from the deepest slumber
thinking thoughts and not of blunder
I turn on the shower
and stepped into the coldness of water.

I woke up to a new day
yesterday’s pain is not of today
there is no reason why I should sway
from my dreams and goals of yesterday.

For the morning offers a new beginning
so I will start my day right by smiling.
I will think of the morning sun that is so beguiling
and be inspired, be an inspiration and be a blessing.