stirring from the ashes of once forgotten hearth
rising like molten heat breaking the surface
it flows still down the barren canals
where echoes of tears used to tread
melting away remnants of fears
bringing life to dead limbs
cheeks suffused with blood

brilliant are the eyes that open to the skies
a wisp of breath escapes from parted lips
waking from a nightmare embraced
the cold no longer bothers her
as melting icicles of loneliness
pool beneath her dainty feet
dissolving in the heat

reborn from the scattered debris of shattered love
the shackles of emptiness are now laid bare
hands and feet will no longer be dragged
down into the well of familiar despair
for the sun is rising with warmth
and the chilling night
no longer remains

-©eamarifosque 053014-










fractured songs and battered cds
half finished poetry stained with coffee
eyes looking inward as forgotten cigarette burns
inching its way closer to calloused fingers
the stench of stale air mingles with sweat
as sweltering heat envelopes the body
hunched over papers that are scattered
filled with fragments of memory
scribbled haphazardly
where is the muse that lights the fire
underneath where the words reside?
the space offers no answer as the pen lies still
not an echo to be heard, no ripples to be felt
not even a drop of inspiration comes to mind
the papers they remain on the floor unnoticed
powdered with dust and blotches of tears
-©The Elusive Scribe 052114-



How We First Met

incessant chatter of excited students
buzzed around me like busy bees
as I sit in quiet contemplation
of this new life offered to me
and in the midst of the madness
in the chaos that swirled
there you sat in silence
an enigma for me to solve
your brooding eyes have caught me
and like a deer I dared not move
but then you flashed your smile
and I can’t help but smile too
captivated by your wit and charm
you made this heart beat so fast
and in your eyes I saw beauty
I have never discovered before
the distance between us slowly shortened
as we reached for each others hands
and we danced to the music playing
oblivious to the people around us
oh what bliss to be held in your arms
feeling the innocence of young love
strangers at first but blossomed into somehting more
but although it didn’t last forever
the memory still lingers inside my head
that moment when we first met

-©The Elusive Scribe 052014-


A Writer’s Release

photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

photo credit: en.wikipedia.org








thoughts drifting away
like white clouds gliding
as the breath of wind gently blows
pushing them onwards
scattering into the ephemeral embrace
of the vast nothingness

yet consciousness forms
amidst the floating images
caressing tendrils of memories
like fragile shards of glass
blood dripping from shallow cuts
as fingers try to put the pieces
back together to form a thought

and so the words begin to flow
slowly at first then gushing from pen
like a broken dam unrelenting
spreading on whitened sheets
a wildfire of words mingling
with tears and sweat

the pages will turn once more
lines will be filled with forgotten words
stitched together by images
flashing behind eyes that stare
at swaying trees and dancing leaves
as the barrier between thought and pen
ceases to exist…

-©The Elusive Scribe 050214-


Out of Sync

coffee and cookies  Okay, so I wasn’t able to complete NaPoWriMo this year which is a bummer but I find it hard to write poems lately. I know it’s not an excuse that I can’t find any inspiration but my mind can’t seem to find its bearings as of the moment. Hopefully with a cup of coffee and a jar of cookies I’ll be able to get my creative juices flowing. Who knows?

Maybe I just need a little push to get me back on the right track. I do miss writing poems but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to squeeze my head just to produce one. It might not be as good as I want it to be. Oh well…as you can see I can’t seem to make up my mind today.

At least I know for one thing where my mind is going at the moment and it’s for me to eat breakfast. 😀 Maybe afterwards I’ll be able to pen something for you guys.


-The Elusive Scribe 050114