The Murmurs


In the dead of the night I hear,
whispers made by the shadows near.
I can catch phrases in between the din,
piecing them together feels like a sin.

The language of the shadows may not be for mere
mortal’s ears,
but I can catch their murmurs with my blossoming
Even while I’m hidden under my blanket shivering,
the cacophony of the sounds they make is still echoing,
against the stillness of the night that moves ever so
leaving me with the mutterings of the shadows that
appear so ghostly.

I try to close my eyes and pretend to sleep,
but the shadows know how to make me weep.
With their silent presence that bores down on me,
I feel like my eyes will no longer be able to see,
the light of day I always welcome with glee.

But wait, the strength of their murmurs is starting to
like the distant stars that are becoming unmade.
Their echoes are starting to dwindle in my head,
or maybe because my soul they took from me and now
I’m dead.

-The Elusive Scribe 050313-


She Was


She was the woman I was once,
hiding behind several masks.
Afraid to let people in,
fearing they might not like
what their eyes could see.

She was the other side of me,
the darkness that clings to my light.
Can’t stand to be abandoned,
yet kept on receding back to the shadows.

She was the voice inside my head,
whispering incessantly in my every waking day.
The halls of my imagination she claims for her own,
where she creates monsters even from dust motes.

She was me in every sense of the word,
and now we are one for I’ve mastered my fear.
She and I are whole once more,
ready to face tomorrow stronger than before.


-The Elusive Scribe 042713-


In the Middle of Nowhere

I find myself thinking,
why was I abandoned here?
In the middle of nowhere
where there is nothing to see
nor water to break the monotony?
Just a never ending land
devoid of personality.
How do I even know
that I’m in the middle of anything?
Must be a glitch in my brain
or I am still dreaming.
Why am I here?
In the most desolate of places?
Where tumbleweeds are my only company?
I can feel fine white sand submerging my feet
soothing me with its soft caresses.
I feel trapped in an endless world,
a speck of imagination easily crushed
by the weight of loneliness.
I can see the dunes forming
so I will lie down and dream
that I’ll be miles away when I wake up
instead of being trapped
in the middle of nowhere.


– The Elusive Scribe 040513-


Story Teller

She writes of her dreams on every page of her book,
her mindless scribbling echoing in the day.
By night she sits by the fire reading her jumbled thoughts,
putting together fragments of images in her mind,
until they become a story she can tell,
to the friendly shadows that wait.
She beckons them to come closer,
the darkness where her friends hide.
You can see the blackness pressing in on her,
yet she smiles that knowing smile,
the fire from the hearth still glowing bright.
She opens her mouth to tell her tale,
of shadows that whisper old forgotten tales.
You can feel the darkness basking in delight.
She remembers them you see, especially how they came to be,
the darkness that you and I fear,
when we were young with imagination running free.
She speaks of forgotten lore and magic spells,
of languages long gone and broken,
threading her whispered tales upon the crackling flame,
the darkness slowly backing away.
For the night is done and her words are all slurred.
Tonight she will dream again and tomorrow she will write.

-The Elusive Scribe 020713-


Of Tall Tales and Giants

Here’s something that I made last year. It literally just popped in my head. 😀

You told me there was a giant in the yard
I looked but I did not see
You laughed out loud and told me to look long and
I did but wondered why your eyes were full of glee.

You mischievous child I say
there is no giant and never will be
they are long gone and won’t even stay
to which you laughed and wondered how could that

You said the giant was wearing a coat of green
with hands like branches hidden with leaves
I scoffed and said that that is our evergreen
rising high beyond our roof’s eaves.

You sighed and said the giant is here and waiting
for what i asked and you said, for you to see him
For some reason I trembled but went on with my
until you fell asleep and mumbled, “you’ll see him.”

– The Elusive Scribe 121012 –