I forget the days when I’m with you
in your smile, the sparkle in your eyes
the world fades, and I’m wrapped up
in every word you utter, the very air you breathe
your soul calling upon mine
hands entwined, our fates crossing intricately
no boundaries, no walls,
just the warmth that spreads from your touch
that glides through this waiting body,
answering your kisses with mine own
the days melt and coalesce into oneness
and so I forget the world
as I sleep, in your arms

-The Elusive Scribe 03062017-


Flying High

photo credit: lennycampello.com

photo credit: lennycampello.com










hand in hand we took flight
in wings formed on exquisite words
that flowed from lips that turn to kiss
awaiting hearts entwined
dreaming upon clouds of silk
as our body lies in blissful sleep

we soared way up high
riding the waves of laughter
that echo well into the night
as we imagined together
dreams of a future so bright
as we traversed the infinite skies

and we danced to the music
our beating hearts created
with sweet words forming in our lips
and with every sway and twirl
our shadows below meld
into a single soul

until dawn arrives
and we fall back home
into sleeping bodies that wait
waking up with smiles on our lips
as the sun slowly kisses
our bodies bound to earth

-©The Elusive Scribe 041614-




Welcome Wagon

Jake Hudson






Minutes or hours may pass
but still you’ll be waiting
for a hint of my shadow
to darken the doorway
or the sound of my footsteps
to tell you I’m coming

and you’ll be waiting
like you always do
by the gate, or by the door
peering from the windows
watching people passing by
wishing that I come home tonight

A simple click is all it takes
a groaning complain from the rusty gates
and you’ll come running
running as fast as you can
into my arms, your home
a thousand kisses you bring
because I’m finally home

-©The Elusive Scribe 040214-


I’d Love to

I’d love to steal the first kiss from your lips
while the sun is still busy yawning in the horizon.
I’d love to be the one to pour you your coffee
even when I haven’t drank a sip from mine.
I’d love to be the one to see you off to work,
sending you kisses by the door.
I’d love to welcome you home with the tightest embrace,
and serve you the best dinner to satisfy your hunger.
I’d love to cuddle next to you while we watch TV
and who knows where this might lead if you’ve been good to me?
I’d love to leave you the sweetest kiss before you sleep,
and whisper to your ear that I’ll see you in my dreams.

-eamarifosque 102813-


Show me the way to your heart, guide me with your hands,
let me open the door to your soul, i promise i’ll be gentle with you.
You are a mystery that mystifies me, a puzzle I want to solve.
If you’ll but open yourself to me, I’ll do my best to figure you out.
You carry scars like the rest of us, but yours I’ll try to heal,
with loving hands to banish pain, and soothe your wounds with kisses sweet.
I’ll let you rest your weary head, close your eyes I’ll keep you safe.
In the circle of my arms, I’ll let you sleep,
so when you wake up, I’ll be the first one you’ll see.
Even if your world is falling, I’ll be here and I’ll hold on,
you’re not alone, never at all, for I’ll be here for you.

-eamarifosque 092613-


Fingers painting different paths to wonderland,
on smooth roads hold sacred by lips pressing kisses
to blushing flesh that burns bright as day,
with every reverent kiss placed on thirsting land
for that fiery touch only your fingertips can bring.
Exploring hands that leave invisible marks,
binding and branding both this heart and soul,
sealed with passion and desire combined,
until we reach the highest peak of our love divine.

-eamarifosque 092413-


You would have been mine

You would have been mine if only I had the courage
to give voice to the thoughts that run in my mind
and the feelings that toss and turn in my heart.

You would have felt the warmth in my every embrace

and the love that wells up inside me,
as I press to your lips the kisses I longed to give.

You would have savored the words I whisper to your ears,
as they burn their way slowly to your cheeks staining them red,
and make your heart beat faster than ever.

You would have been mine, my sweet, not just for tonight,
but the mornings too as I cuddle close to you,
holding you tight, never letting you go.

-The Elusive Scribe 070213-


Pressed Kisses


lips that stain this satin skin with whispers of love,
goosebumps appearing on smooth surface,
with every puff of breath coming from kisses
pressed against the innocence of my being.
oh how i love the way your lips dance
on this flesh that burns with quiet anticipation,
for the searing kisses that you smilingly bestow
on parched land craving for that soft pressure of
lips that cling so familiarly on places already discovered.
surrendering to the exquisite feel of lips on skin,
this heavenly bliss cannot be replaced nor replicated,
for your love is translated to every pressed kiss
that this body has been asking for for so long.

-The Elusive Scribe 060613-