fractured songs and battered cds
half finished poetry stained with coffee
eyes looking inward as forgotten cigarette burns
inching its way closer to calloused fingers
the stench of stale air mingles with sweat
as sweltering heat envelopes the body
hunched over papers that are scattered
filled with fragments of memory
scribbled haphazardly
where is the muse that lights the fire
underneath where the words reside?
the space offers no answer as the pen lies still
not an echo to be heard, no ripples to be felt
not even a drop of inspiration comes to mind
the papers they remain on the floor unnoticed
powdered with dust and blotches of tears
-©The Elusive Scribe 052114-









Can you forget the taste
of love’s first kiss
the sparks that flew
when eyes meet eyes
gazing for a heartbeat
yet felt like eternity?

Can you forget trailing fingers
down on golden silken skin
memorizing the softest curves
that only your touch can bring
the softest of blushes staining
cheeks you once caressed?

Can you forget the whispered words
exchanged as night descends
wrapped in a blanket of desire
that swept you both off your feet
lifting you to the heavens above?

Can you forget the memories
slowly built with the passing days
forging promises to be uphold
but later unexpectedly broken
causing ripples of heartache?

Can you forget the tears that flowed
from eyes that you once held in rapture
the trembling lips that called out your name
as you turned your back on the gift
offered by hands wanting to heal?

Can you forget the torment
that raged on and on
beating against the chest
of the love you chose to let go
that sank into the embrace of the darkness?

Can you forget the pain
that you put someone through
with your careless words
as you close your eyes to sleep
and dream of a new beginning?

Can you forget and keep on forgetting
that once you were called someone’s own
and in that moment you chose to forget
you were being woven into the sweetest of dreams
never knowing that they will be nightmares in the end?

-©The Elusive Scribe 040614-


Invisible Children









unseen they are blending in the crowd,
dark eyes peering from dirt streaked faces
watching in silent despair and hunger
inhaling smoke and dust with their waking breath.

invisible to millions of pairs of eyes
their arms stretched out in supplication
living every day inches from Death’s grasp
riding the waves of rumbling engines that pass by.

their palms turned towards the heavens
waiting for coins to fall like rain
empty stomachs gnawing at their soul
tattered clothing clinging to their skin.

bedding down on the cold pavement
underneath street lamps that bleed yellow
dreaming an escape from their wretched prison
the reality that they often wake up to.

-©The Elusive Scribe 030614-


It Was My Turn to Dig Again






it was my turn to dig again on the ground,
where we buried the secrets we chose to forget.
Covered now by decaying leaves of the watchful tree
that stood like a quiet sentinel that towered
over our sweat slicked bodies.

did we bury our secrets that deep?

it was my turn to dig again but all that i could see
were tattered remains of memories that fell apart,
as my fingers scraped them off this part of the earth
where we buried them with our promises and tears.
am i digging for something that no longer exists?
or did we bury what used to be us beyond our reach,
left to die a silent death with the worms feasting
on souls that are still trapped within beating chests?

-©The Elusive Scribe 030414-


In Silence







In the absence of sound
the world stood still
like the graveyard where
souls buried in the earth
lie silent in their musings
watching tears fall from eyes
that they used to drown in
when life flowed relentlessly
on veins that throb with
their hopes and dreams
until death came and claimed
the very breath that escapes
from parted lips in the silence
of the night as they lay
in their beds dreaming dreams
of a tomorrow that no longer came.

-The Elusive Scribe 120913-









The absence of your touch
stilled this beating heart
hardening in the silence
where your voice used to echo
among the dreams that reside
behind closed eyes at night.

Cobwebs of forgetfulness
blended with the shadows
dulling once bright eyes
now vacant in solitude
filling up with tears
that cascade in torrents.

No more room for warmth
the fire has already burned down
the coldness of abandonment
left this heart a derelict
adrift in the endless sea
of forgotten memories.

-The Elusive Scribe 120413-


Like a knife caressing innocent flesh until beads of blood form,
so does your infernal indifference draws droplets of my soul.
Swimming in self doubt and self recrimination,
you left nothing for me to hold on to not even a sliver of hope.
I have given you the me I value the most,
even my secret dreams wrapped in layers of silk,
and yet it seems they’re not enough to hold you close
because you left me to wander on my own.

Like the wailing storm that comes to devastate the world,
so does your incessant silence break the fragile shelter I call home.
Ripped apart without a care, how easily these walls come crashing down,
disillusionment has left me on my knees cradling what’s left of my domain,
tears start to come and flow so strong, clouding the windows of my soul,
the pain comes unbound as my carefully built fortress starts to decay,
everything is gone, carried away by the raging torrent of tears that fall,
from eyes that once perceived the beauty that was your face.

-The Elusive Scribe 101613-


Chase away the dark clouds that hover,
bring back the warmth that I crave,
you’re the sun that beats back the gloom,
the beautiful morning that I want to wake up to.
Wrap me in your arms, catch the tears that fall,
heal my aching heart, and I’ll be yours forevermore.
Bring back the smile that used to grace my lips,
trace it with your fingertips, let it blossom like a flower,
and drink from it your reward, the deepest kiss.

-eamarifosque 100113-


Dance of a Delirious Mind

the dance of a delirious mind
is like the swirling of colors
that is mixed in a palette,
with the bristles of a brush
that lightly strokes the blank canvas.

colors running down
with every glide of soft bristles,
like tears slowly rolling down
on satin soft cheeks that were once kissed
with reverence.

the dance of a delirious mind
is like a million dreams coalescing,
slowly forming into one,
flickering and flashing,
until they merge into a whole.

dreams of hopes and fears,
of nightmares and daydreams,
that were once trying to escape
but now blending together,
to form a better dream with you in it.

-The Elusive Scribe 082713-