Tonight our faces are awash in flames
glasses reflecting broken images
thoughts escaping like bubbles on liquid
drowning emptiness with each sip to forget,
memories engulfed with the rawness of sorrow
that spread its disease on fragile hearts
on the brink of breaking with each clink of glass.
Where do our hearts reside now
as we gaze longingly into the depths of our drink,
seeking answers in the haze of candle lights
and cigarette smoke?
Would we be able to mend the broken thoughts
that seem to merge with the silence of the stars?
Grasp our fleeting dreams with benumbed fingers
stop them from fading as the blanket of darkness descends
clouding our perception as we try to find the reason
why we can’t find the answers to the questions
that our hearts want to ask yet our lips refuse to speak.

-The Elusive Scribe 111613-


Breaking Point

Where is the warmth that we used to feel,
has Father Time come for it to steal
those moments when we’re wrapped in love
watching the stars burning above?
Are we at the point of breaking,
with hearts already aching?
Can we still repair the aches and pains
bring back the love even if it rains
on our dream that we’ve built on shifting sands
muddying the future until it no longer stands
safe and sound amid the stormy days
that seem to come in different ways.
If only we could stop a moment and see
how our silence has created this enormous sea
in between us that is keeping us apart
leaving us with empty beds and an aching heart.

-The Elusive Scribe 112113-









Destination remains unclear
moving with uncertainty
headlights try to penetrate
the gloom that stands ahead
the winding path that leads
to a future yet to be written
fear reeks in every pore
as doubt ravages the heart
yet trembling hands hold still
the wheel of life to drive
bravely towards the future
though surrounded by the mist
of life’s uncertainties.

-The Elusive Scribe 11413-


Give a Chance








Your love is like a mystery,
a puzzle I want to complete.
With pieces of myself to fill
the spaces where once love reigned.
You thought it would be better
to hide yourself in the shadows,
afraid to feel the pain that comes with
loving someone new.
And so you retreat into your shell
building walls to protect your heart,
no longer looking for love to alight
on your cold, hardened soul.
Yet you shouldn’t run or hide away
because I come bearing gifts for you.
These hands that will lend you strength
when you need to face stormy days ahead,
a smile to brighten the darkest nights,
and my love to warm you when you’re cold.
All that I ask is for you to give a chance,
accept what I have to offer, so step away
from the darkness you enveloped yourself in
and come and rest your burdened heart
within the circle of my arms.

-eamarifosque 111413-


Puzzled Piece







I wonder where do I fit
in the scheme of things
with Time being unfair
hiding the future from me.

I wonder if I will ever fit
in the world that you live in.
Will I ever find the answer
to complete the puzzle within?

I wonder if I could fit
in the story that you weave
living inside the world
your words have carefully built?

I wonder if you would let me fit in
the words my heart wants to say.
Can I merge my thoughts with yours,
and be complete just like before?

-The Elusive Scribe 111213


Forgotten Lines










Living in the spaces between letters
our images like silhouettes dancing
to the sweet harmony that our hearts beat
your hands in mine as we melt in the lines
of forgotten words that our lips spoke
that lightly travel and caress our skins
sending such lovely shivers down our spines.
What I wouldn’t give to go back and relive
those forgotten lines we’ve shared
whispered in the darkness of our desires
tracing a path to where our souls reside.
and if I could make time turn back
back to that moment when our hearts first collide,
I’ll ask you to stay and let the sparks fly
surrounding us with their infinite glow
where we’ll bask in each others warmth
that melts the coldness in our hearts.

-eamarifosque 11213-



butterfly in my garden








You shut yourself from the world,
afraid to see staring eyes,
judging you and the skin that you wear.
You retreat into the darkness,
breathing in your own air,
never wanting to see the light of day.
You dream of shedding your skin,
forgetting your sins,
emerging whole and new.
And so you wait in silence,
feeling the heat of the sun,
and the embrace of the moon.
And you weave your dreams in darkness
with eyes closed, as you slowly change,
changing as the days come and go
until you can’t take it any more.
And so you break free
from your self imposed prison
unaware that as you drew the deepest of breaths
your body unfurls in all its splendor.
And you take flight on wings of beauty
leaving behind the shell of your past,
and as you soar above the skies you see
eyes that once stared now glisten with tears
wondering why they failed to see,
your beauty hidden within.

-The Elusive Scribe 111213-



Muling Nagbalik

Mabagal na umaandar ang mga segundong nagpapatagal
sa oras na pilit pinagmamadali ng pusong sabik,
na muling pagbuksan ang pinto at ika’y papasukin
sa silid ng panaginip kung saan muling maibabahagi
ang naipong mga yakap at halik na kay tamis.
At sa dilim ang apoy ay muling magliliyab,
tutunawin ang distansya papunta sa iyong yakap,
magiging isa ang mga isip na matagal ng uhaw
para sa isa’t isa.
Pagdudugtungin ang mga salitang ang puso ang may akda,
at ang mga daliri’y lilikha ng musika sa bawat haplos
na syang tatatak sa isip na maaaring balik-balikan
ng mga pusong pinagtagpo ng pagkakataon.
At ang mga nangingilid na luha’y hindi na kailangang pumatak pa
‘pagkat ika’y naririto na at hawak hawak ang mga kamay
na matagal ng nangangapa sa dilim matagpuan ka lamang.
Ang mga ngiti’y madarama sa mga labing binabasbasan
ang mga pisngi mo ng mga matatamis na halik,
sapagkat ikaw ay muling nagbalik sa yakap ng umiibig.

-eamarifosque 110513-


Muling Sisikat ang Araw

Morning Sun






Muling sisikat ang araw at hahawiin ang dilim
na syang bumabalot sa mundong kanyang ginagalawan,
at sa paglisan ng mga ulap ay syang pagdating
ng pag-asang makakabangon muli.

Hindi na muling babalikan ang mga luhang pumatak
‘pagkat ang mga ito’y sinipsip na ng lupa ng nakaraan.
Magkakaroon muli ng saysay ang mga salitang binubulong ng isipan,
muling babalik ang ngiti sa mga matang namumugto sa kakaiyak.

At sa bawat minutong lumilipas ay gagawa ng panibagong pangarap
na syang magbibigay linaw sa lahat ng pasakit na nadarama.
Makikita muli ang daang nilisan para lamang sa kinabukasang hindi inaasahang
guguho at mawawala na parang bula.

Muling babalik ang tiwala sa sariling minsan ng inapakan ng mga pinagkatiwalaan
at ang bagong pagkataong mabubuhay
ay magiging mas malakas at mas matatag.

Hindi kakayaning tibagin ng mga mapaglarong nilalang
ang pader na muling itatayo para protektahan
ang pusong nangangailangan ng panahon para hilumin
ang mga sugat na dala ng paglipas ng panahon.

At sa lahat ng mga pagkakataong sinugatan ang pusong
tanging pagkakamali’y mahalin ang mga hindi nararapat,
ay may darating na magbibigay ng dahilan
para mabuhay muli ang mga papel at panulat,
‘pagkat ang inspirasyonay hindi na magpapapigil pa.

Dadaloy at dadaloy ang tinta habang dinudumihan
ang mga blankong pahina ng kinabukasang ngayon pa lang masusulat.
Bubuo ng panibagong mundo kasama ang ligayang
matagal ng inaasam asam at hindi na muling papatak ang mga luha.

-The Elusive Scribe 101813-

Translation of some sorts…:)

The sun will rise again and disperse the darkness
that envelopes the world she moves around in,
and as the clouds disappear so comes
hope that she’ll rise once more.

No need to remember the tears that fell
since they’ve been absobred by the land of the past.
Reason will come once more to the words whispered by the mind
and the smile will come back to the eyes that are puffed from crying.

And for every minute that has passed a new dream will be built
that will give clarity to all the hurts that were felt.
The road, once abandoned for a future that she didn’t expect
to break and disappear like a bubble, will be seen once more.

Her belief in her self will come back after being stepped on
by those she believed in and the new her that will emerge
will be stronger and more stable than before.

No one will be able to break the walls
that will be built once more for protection
for the heart that needs time to heal
the wounds brought by the passing time.

And for those times that her heart was wounded
whose only fault was to love those that were unworthy,
someone will come to give reason
for papers and pen to come alive once more
for her inspiration can no longer be stopped at all.

The ink will keep on flowing and flowing
dirtying empty pages of the future that will now be written.
Creating a new world with the happiness
that has been sought after for so long
and the tears will no longer have to fall.


Close Your Eyes








Close your eyes my darling dear
in my arms I’ll rock you to sleep.
A kiss to your cheek I’ll give
to protect you from monsters in your dream.
Don’t be afraid when darkness comes
no one can harm you while I’m around.
Rest your weary head in my embrace
leave your childish worries for another day.
I’ll watch over you as the moon slips in,
even hold your tiny hand, never wanting to let go.
Close your eyes my darling dear,
your mommy is holding you tight
a kiss to your cheek I’ll give
and a promise I’ll whisper to your ear.

-The Elusive Scribe 110513-