I will walk this earth in search of you,
the other soul that can make me whole.
I will travel near and far in search of my destiny,
in the arms of the one I can call my own.
I will taste the lips of many
until I find the sweetest one.
I will touch and caress skins with my hands
to find the one that I can’t get enough of.
I will search for you, the one who completes me,
and I will bring you home and love you endlessly.

-eamarifosque 081813-


Down the Road

Down the Road

Walk with me down the road
and share with me your story.
I’ll tell you mine if you are ready
let’s not keep secrets you and I.
This path we take is for us
to discover the truth in us.

Walk with me down the road
let us learn more about each other.
Share with me your stories old
your ups even your downs.
Don’t be afraid I won’t judge you
you see, I have the same fears.

Walk with me down the road
let us be strangers no more.
What I am I will share with you
and you I’ll keep with me
for at the end of the road we’ll find
whether we are destined to be.