The Waiting Game

She sits still and in silence

watching the blank screen

empty like her mind,

the cursor blinks tauntingly

again and again and again

waiting impatiently for her fingers

to start dancing on the keys

to spill her thoughts, her memories,

the blood of her enemies

it waits for a confession,

her damning admission

yet she sits there, watching,



-TheElusiveScribe 04092017-

I know I’ve been behind with my daily poetry but I will try to do more today. 





You wrap your sadness around you

Like a cloak, a protection of sorts

Afraid to look, afraid to see

Afraid to feel what could have beens

And you tighten your hold

Upon your loneliness

Never realizing that someone sees you

Your fears and the scars that you bear

Waiting for you to just let go of it all

So you’ll see that you’re someone to somebody

And that somebody is me

-TheElusiveScribe 04022017-









Oh you wicked spirit
you have a hold on this heart
that bleeds for that elusive feeling
that others professed to be love

You toyed with the dying embers
fanning it into roaring flames
a quick kiss and promises
burned all inhibitions away

That smile you bestow
set butterflies aflutter
attempting to spread their wings
to take flight on love’s embrace

Yet it was all a farce was it not?
The nights when your lips are pressed close to ears
professing love that was just an illusion
and dreams that were meant to shatter

How could anyone resist
that charm you exude
that ensnares starved hearts
helpless under your spell?

Perfect you were in these eyes
but it was just a mask you wore
the devil inside you played me false
luring me into your deadly embrace

Yet you were adored
by hands trailing fingers
feeling the hunger within
feeding it with my own

But now all is silent
even the wind’s whispers are dulled
all that is real is the spreading pain
riding the waves of tears

-©The Elusive Scribe 042214-


Close to You

That’s all I ever wanted
to be near you
as you down that drink
sitting in front of you
while you watch tv
oblivious to the world
as always

I come closer
inching my way
to your shoulders
my hands longing
to caress your neck
with the lightest of touch

Your skin breaks into goosebumps
as you feel my presence
like a whisper of breath
touching you
chilling you
making you turn around
yet you don’t see me

But I’m close
as you turned back to the screen
laughing at the silliness
thinking that someone’s behind you
oh but I am
I am and you don’t see me

And when finally I touched
your bare flesh
you screamed and threw your beer
and I was stunned
drenched in your liquor
hurriedly running away
from the fear I saw in your eyes

Oh how I weep
as I scurried back into the darkness
the walls, my lair
hiding me and my insignificant frame
while I wait
and watch
until I can come close to you
once more

-©The Elusive Scribe 042114-


Locked in a Tower


photo credit: mary-ss.tumblr.com

photo credit: mary-ss.tumblr.com










in the topmost tower
from the world below
like a flightless bird
perched by the only eye
the dancing trees that line
Paved darkness
that none dared to pass by
in the silence of the stars
songs of longing to the wind
that someone would come and steal
this soul
perishing in the tower strong

-©The Elusive Scribe 042014-


Flying High

photo credit: lennycampello.com

photo credit: lennycampello.com










hand in hand we took flight
in wings formed on exquisite words
that flowed from lips that turn to kiss
awaiting hearts entwined
dreaming upon clouds of silk
as our body lies in blissful sleep

we soared way up high
riding the waves of laughter
that echo well into the night
as we imagined together
dreams of a future so bright
as we traversed the infinite skies

and we danced to the music
our beating hearts created
with sweet words forming in our lips
and with every sway and twirl
our shadows below meld
into a single soul

until dawn arrives
and we fall back home
into sleeping bodies that wait
waking up with smiles on our lips
as the sun slowly kisses
our bodies bound to earth

-©The Elusive Scribe 041614-