Remember the Night

Remember the night when our eyes collided
in the swirling chaos of the city
the space that opened, a path to each other
left us rooted to the ground, hearts’ ignited
it felt like a lifespan but it lasted only moments
until we’re swept up once more by life
and its mysterious machinations
a part of you lodged in me as I in you
a brief moment in the night when we became one
and in a blink of an eye, we were gone

-The Elusive Scribe 02032017-








Can you forget the taste
of love’s first kiss
the sparks that flew
when eyes meet eyes
gazing for a heartbeat
yet felt like eternity?

Can you forget trailing fingers
down on golden silken skin
memorizing the softest curves
that only your touch can bring
the softest of blushes staining
cheeks you once caressed?

Can you forget the whispered words
exchanged as night descends
wrapped in a blanket of desire
that swept you both off your feet
lifting you to the heavens above?

Can you forget the memories
slowly built with the passing days
forging promises to be uphold
but later unexpectedly broken
causing ripples of heartache?

Can you forget the tears that flowed
from eyes that you once held in rapture
the trembling lips that called out your name
as you turned your back on the gift
offered by hands wanting to heal?

Can you forget the torment
that raged on and on
beating against the chest
of the love you chose to let go
that sank into the embrace of the darkness?

Can you forget the pain
that you put someone through
with your careless words
as you close your eyes to sleep
and dream of a new beginning?

Can you forget and keep on forgetting
that once you were called someone’s own
and in that moment you chose to forget
you were being woven into the sweetest of dreams
never knowing that they will be nightmares in the end?

-©The Elusive Scribe 040614-


Be My Valentine







Should I write you a love letter
letting the sweetest words appear
on these blank pieces of paper
telling you what I’d do if you’re near?

Should I woo you with kisses
press them tenderly upon your lips,
and with the softest of touch shall caress
your cheeks with my fingertips?

Should I read you a poem tonight
the one that I’ve kept hidden all this time
read it with such passionate delight
not listening to it would be a crime?

Should I dance for you under the starlit skies
swaying hips in rhythm with the flames
capturing your attention and your desires
bringing passion to our little games?

Should I make you mine this valentine
and offer my heart to you on bended knee,
whisper to you how I want you to be mine
and share the secret that love whispered to me?

-©eamarifosque 021214-


Shifted by the moon







A sliver of light appears as clouds do part
trailing its finger upon an exposed heart
beating secret words into works of art
once clutched to chest now bursting apart.

And so the words do form under the moon’s gaze,
like winds that swirl and billow in the haze.
This tender heart chases after its muse in a maze
seeking clarity even though it’s in a daze.

What madness lies then in the deepening night?
Shifted by the moon these thoughts do ignite.
cold at first but then they burn so bright
spreading like wildfire that has taken flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012914-


Trail of Words





let me write a trail of words
that speak what’s in my heart
read them well and pray do tell
if you feel the same way too.

can’t stop the words from pouring
from lips to hands before mingling
with the blackest of inks that shape
these emotions that rage within.

let me write then in words
the truth that this heart yearns to speak
that in the chaos it learns to love still
the beauty in this madness that you bring.

can’t fight the flow of words
i guess i don’t even want to
it’s the only way for me to reach you
speaking in silence from a distance.

-©The Elusive Scribe 012814-












Tonight our faces are awash in flames
glasses reflecting broken images
thoughts escaping like bubbles on liquid
drowning emptiness with each sip to forget,
memories engulfed with the rawness of sorrow
that spread its disease on fragile hearts
on the brink of breaking with each clink of glass.
Where do our hearts reside now
as we gaze longingly into the depths of our drink,
seeking answers in the haze of candle lights
and cigarette smoke?
Would we be able to mend the broken thoughts
that seem to merge with the silence of the stars?
Grasp our fleeting dreams with benumbed fingers
stop them from fading as the blanket of darkness descends
clouding our perception as we try to find the reason
why we can’t find the answers to the questions
that our hearts want to ask yet our lips refuse to speak.

-The Elusive Scribe 111613-


Give a Chance








Your love is like a mystery,
a puzzle I want to complete.
With pieces of myself to fill
the spaces where once love reigned.
You thought it would be better
to hide yourself in the shadows,
afraid to feel the pain that comes with
loving someone new.
And so you retreat into your shell
building walls to protect your heart,
no longer looking for love to alight
on your cold, hardened soul.
Yet you shouldn’t run or hide away
because I come bearing gifts for you.
These hands that will lend you strength
when you need to face stormy days ahead,
a smile to brighten the darkest nights,
and my love to warm you when you’re cold.
All that I ask is for you to give a chance,
accept what I have to offer, so step away
from the darkness you enveloped yourself in
and come and rest your burdened heart
within the circle of my arms.

-eamarifosque 111413-


Ballet Slippers

for a poetry writing challenge

for a poetry writing challenge









The light slowly creeps in from the broken window,
touching gently fading memories of music and you.
You used to wear these ballet slippers in the shadow,
emerging from the darkness all radiant in blue.
The sweetest notes were played on this piano old
as you closed your eyes and danced with abandon,
I watched enthralled in silence outside the cold
not daring to move, not even breathe, lest I cry for pardon
for breaking the magic that you weave with your feet
that you used to rob me of my senses and captivate my heart.
Yet everything is gone, you’re no longer here my sweet,
I was too late to tell you I’m ready to play my part.
To be the one you’ll only dance to as the music starts to play,
my eyes tracing your every movement like a lover’s caress,
but the table is covered in dust now, just like the words I want to say,
if only I didn’t abandon you, I wouldn’t be in distress,
that your world I used to covet has now gone and vanished,
leaving me with just a faint image of you and your forgotten ballet slippers.

-The Elusive Scribe 110413-


If I were to kneel in front of you and take your hands in mine,
will you answer the call of my heart with your own
or will I soon see my tears start to fall?
Will I have to spell the truth that threatens to spill
from brown eyes that search yours as I gaze up at your face,
or will you understand what my heart wants to say
even without the words that I long to speak?
Can you even feel my pulse beating under your fingers
faster and faster like the rushing of waves against the shore?
Would you ever wonder what it would feel like,
to fall down into the deepest part of my heart?
Will you even try to plumb the depths of me
or just let go of the hands that hold your own?

-The Elusive Scribe 102913-



2013-10-24 17.01.38







Where’s the light that once showed me the way,
the path leading to your embrace?
The stars are gone and the moon’s asleep,
where o’ where are you my lighthouse dear?

Where’s the light that comes from deep within?
only darkness ensues, you melt with the shadows.
How can I find the door to your heart,
when you blend with the night, leaving my sight?

Where’s the light that you used to hold,
the one that draws me deeper into you?
Can it be that you’ve doused the fire that burns,
leaving me with nothing but an empty lighthouse?

-The Elusive Scribe 102413-