You come with your neon hair and painted face,
delighting children ages five to ten.
They laugh at your red nose and your silly smile,
never paying attention to your bloodshot eyes.
There goes a parade of animal balloons
and slapstick acts that never go out of style.
You performed with such flair, without sweat,
like a pro you amazed, you enthralled.
You weave your magic and hold them entranced,
playing with their imagination with your glove covered hands.
Out comes Mr. Rabbit from your old battered hat,
then come the card tricks, everyone loved that.
Who can resist your little magic act?
The children loved it and begged for more,
this was exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
You told them to close their eyes and count to three
and you’ll show them magic they have never seen.
They closed their eyes and counted till three,
and when they opened their eyes you were gone, disappeared.
Where did you go they asked, where could you be?
They didn’t realize that it was not you who vanished
but each and every single one of them who loved your magic.
You stole their souls just like you did before,
you drank their joy and ate their laughter.
And now you’ve gone and spirited them away,
trapped their souls in your glowing glass balls
that now hang around your Christmas tree.

-The Elusive Scribe 103013-



Maaari mo bang dugtungan ang mga panaginip
na binuo natin sa nabibilang na mga sandali,
buuin ang mga kwentong sinimulan ng mga labing
iisang tema lamang ang namumutawi?

Maaari mo bang dugtungan ang mga salitang isinulat
ng mga puso nating hinahanap ang isa’t isa,
pagtagpi tagpiin ang mga papel ng ating buhay
ikonekta sila para magkaroon ng linaw ang lahat?

Maaari mo bang dugtungan ang mga notang nagmumula
sa tumitibok na pusong ikaw lamang ang laman,
gumawa ng kantang tayo lamang ang makakaintindi
at aawitin kapag malayo sa isa’t isa?

Maaari mo bang dugtungan at pahabain ang panahon
habang namamalagi ka sa aking piling,
di na mawala pa sa aking paningin
‘pagkat ikaw lang ang parati kong hahanap hanapin?

-eamarifosque 102913-


I’d Love to

I’d love to steal the first kiss from your lips
while the sun is still busy yawning in the horizon.
I’d love to be the one to pour you your coffee
even when I haven’t drank a sip from mine.
I’d love to be the one to see you off to work,
sending you kisses by the door.
I’d love to welcome you home with the tightest embrace,
and serve you the best dinner to satisfy your hunger.
I’d love to cuddle next to you while we watch TV
and who knows where this might lead if you’ve been good to me?
I’d love to leave you the sweetest kiss before you sleep,
and whisper to your ear that I’ll see you in my dreams.

-eamarifosque 102813-


If I were to kneel in front of you and take your hands in mine,
will you answer the call of my heart with your own
or will I soon see my tears start to fall?
Will I have to spell the truth that threatens to spill
from brown eyes that search yours as I gaze up at your face,
or will you understand what my heart wants to say
even without the words that I long to speak?
Can you even feel my pulse beating under your fingers
faster and faster like the rushing of waves against the shore?
Would you ever wonder what it would feel like,
to fall down into the deepest part of my heart?
Will you even try to plumb the depths of me
or just let go of the hands that hold your own?

-The Elusive Scribe 102913-



2013-10-24 17.01.38







Where’s the light that once showed me the way,
the path leading to your embrace?
The stars are gone and the moon’s asleep,
where o’ where are you my lighthouse dear?

Where’s the light that comes from deep within?
only darkness ensues, you melt with the shadows.
How can I find the door to your heart,
when you blend with the night, leaving my sight?

Where’s the light that you used to hold,
the one that draws me deeper into you?
Can it be that you’ve doused the fire that burns,
leaving me with nothing but an empty lighthouse?

-The Elusive Scribe 102413-


The Dreams Will Come Tonight

The dreams will come tonight like the rolling mist
and in the shadows that form half heartedly,
I shall dance to the slow song that your guitar sings.
With every strum of your fingers my feet will move
swaying hips to the rhythm that your music creates.
And by the light of the moon and the sigh of the stars
we will be making music out of our own desires,
with every sway of our bodies and the songs on our lips,
the fire within us will burn bright as day.
Eclipsing the brilliance of the moon and stars combined
we will melt with the searing heat that our love creates,
until we’re one in the world of dreams we’ve built,
in the halls of our memories where we seek each other out
holding tight lest our dreams fade away
and remind us that we are miles apart.

-eamarifosque 102313-


matagal ng nalusaw ang mga pangarap na binuo mula sa alapaap,
at ang pagbuhos ng ulan ang tanging senyales ng sakit na dumudurog
sa pagkataong inalay sa iniibig ng walang pagaalinlangan.
pagkataong hinubog ng panahong balot ng ligaya’t pighati,
na mas piniling isantabi ng taong tanging laman nitong puso.
ngunit sa kabila ng sakit na syang pumupunit
sa kaluluwang iisang pangalan lamang ang iniisip,
ay humahawak pa rin sa ideya na mayroon pa ring pag-asang makakamit.
na ang pag-ibig na pinakaiingatan ay muling magbabalik
at hihilumin ang mga sugat na pinanggagalingan ng mga pumapatak na dugo
na unti unting kumikitil sa kanyang natitirang buhay.

-The Elusive Scribe 102213-

when translated into English:

the dreams built from the skies have long dissolved
and the pouring rain is the only sign of the hurt that breaks
the whole person offered to someone loved without any hesitation.
personalities that were molded by time wrapped in happiness and sadness
but chosen to be set aside by the person that only this heart knows.
but in spite of the pain that rips the soul that thinks of only one name,
it still holds on to the idea that there is still hope yet.
that the love that’s been well cared for will come back
and heal the wounds where the drops of blood come from
that slowly kills what’s left of its life.

-The Elusive Scribe-