Daydreaming of a life with you,
waking up beside you,
a kiss to give your lips I will,
cuddle closer let’s hide under covers.
A dream to be a reality
with closed eyes still waiting,
hoping that soon it will be true,
this daydream where I belong to you.

-Th Elusive Scribe 092813-


Will you take care of this aching heart
that yearns for a place in your own?
Will you warm it up in your hands
and promise to hold it close to you?
Will you bring it with you wherever you go
and remember that the one who owns it is waiting for you?
Will you sleep tonight and dream of me
and wake up thinking about who thinks of you all the time?
Will you lead your feet back to my home
and stay with me for a little longer?
Will you treasure the trust I give you
and let it not fall to the ground and break?
Will you come back and stay in my arms
and still this worried heart?

-eamarifosque 091713-



My lips are sealed unless it’s your name
that I need to say,
your name that wormed its way to my heart
and soul.
I want to savor your name as it rolls from my lips
like the sweetest kiss you gave me to hold.
It’s your name that I often whisper well into the night,
before I fall asleep hoping to see you in my dreams tonight.
It’s your name that I carry with me, the one I draw strength from,
for your name I’ve branded in this heart of mine,
hoping it will never disappear from sight.

-eamarifosque 082113-


Death of a Dream


No sorrow pierces my heart,
as a dream dies inside of me.
Should I mourn its passing
knowing that it was you
who caused its demise?

No tears fall from my eyes,
as I bury it beneath the waves
of memories I want to forget
that keep on crashing relentlessly
against the walls that protect me.

No words escape my lips
as I watch my dream disappear.
Dead and should be forgotten
no point in lingering
just wasting time in hoping
that the dream that died within
was the one that could have lasted.

-The Elusive Scribe 080513-


Dream King


You sit on your throne watching in silence
the dreams of dreamers as they fall asleep.
As night slowly comes and deepens by the hour,
the breath of deep sleep stirs from within.
You cast your dream dust on eyes that are closed,
giving life to their wildest imaginations.
You smile with amusement as their dreams come alive,
transforming themselves into nightmares that haunt their waking minds,
until they wake up screaming and sweating, unable to fall asleep.
How sad it must have been, not to be able to catch some zees,
but then again you are the Dream King, the watcher of dreams.
Sleep is not for you for your power lies in the dreaming.
And so you sit on your throne in silence, with a smile playing on your lips,
watching the dreams of dreamers as they sleep.

-The Elusive Scribe 073013-


Even for a Day


Even for a day I want to feel how precious I am to you
to know that you think of me the way I do you,
to know that you miss me when I’m away,
to know that you can’t bear the thought of me not talking to you.

Even for a day I want to feel how happy you are with me,
to know that I’m the first person you think of when you wake up,
to know that I’m your last thought before you sleep,
to know that I’m the one you dream of every night.

Even for a day I want to feel what it’s like to be loved by you,
to know that you’ll wrap me in your arms and hold me tight,
to know that you’ll whisper the words I long to hear,
to know that you’ll give me the kind of love that I’m hoping for.

-The Elusive Scribe 060713-


In the Middle of Nowhere

I find myself thinking,
why was I abandoned here?
In the middle of nowhere
where there is nothing to see
nor water to break the monotony?
Just a never ending land
devoid of personality.
How do I even know
that I’m in the middle of anything?
Must be a glitch in my brain
or I am still dreaming.
Why am I here?
In the most desolate of places?
Where tumbleweeds are my only company?
I can feel fine white sand submerging my feet
soothing me with its soft caresses.
I feel trapped in an endless world,
a speck of imagination easily crushed
by the weight of loneliness.
I can see the dunes forming
so I will lie down and dream
that I’ll be miles away when I wake up
instead of being trapped
in the middle of nowhere.


– The Elusive Scribe 040513-


Make Your Way

Make your way into my arms, my dear,
and I promise you’ll have nothing to fear.
You’ve grown tired and weary of sweet promises,
but in me you can find peace.
For I won’t waste the love you’ve given me,
but plant it in my heart and let it bloom.
Until it has grown proud and beautiful
and its roots entwine our hearts as one.
And under its shade we’ll lie peacefully,
and dream of better days
with arms around each other.

-eamarifosque 032813-


Give me a Kiss

Give me a kiss before you leave my bed
and I will bring it with me when I dream tonight.
A kiss that lingers in my lips forever,
until you come back and wake me up
from the sweetest dream back to reality.
With you in my arms making me breathless,
with every touch we share and kisses deep,
giving life to cold hands and feet.
Every whisper of breath that sears sweat covered flesh
a taste of sweet mornings in your arms that please
a hungry soul aching for release.