Nature’s Beauty

Beauty I see with eyes that perceive
the world in its unadorned glory.
The skies painted in delicate shades
of blues and whites,
the land, vast and green, broken
by gorgeous mountains that soar
reaching up to the heavens above.
And on the edges, the beckoning waters
with their sparkling surface that glistens,
ripples sent from fingers that touch
its mirror like face that peers back.
Ripples coming back in roaring waves
pushed by strong winds that blow
from the far corners of the world reaching home.
And by the shore I realize
how insignificant I can be
when all the beauty of nature
comes crashing down on me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052513-


Shutterbug Moment

Flower power on Monday. 🙂 Just trying my photo shooting skills.


Falling Leaf


Falling like a leaf that has already let go
of its hold from the branches of the tree,
falling ever so slowly carried by the wind.
Dancing and turning in circles in limbo,
falling while watching the sun as it peeks,
from in between spaces of the leaves of the trees,
where the falling leaf used to live.


-eamarifosque 041413-


The Summer Queen


Her heart lies dormant beneath the floorboards of her hearth,
cold, lifeless, not beating.
No one knows why she walks about unfeeling,
even when the cold wind blows or the storms come.
She walks as if she’s not drenched from head to foot
nor riddled with icicles from her eyebrows to the tips of her hair.
An ice queen she is,
through and through.

And yet when the first rays of the sun of summer
pierces the frost that envelopes her being
you can see,
apple blossom cheeks,
lips as red as strawberries ripe,
her eyes glistening like morning dews.
And her heart, oh, how can you not hear her beating heart?

From the floorboards she removes her treasure,
and places it upon her chest.
And she is one with the morning sun,
and she dances to the tune of revelry
underneath the blossoming tree.
Gone is the ice queen replaced by her sister warm.

The summer queen has come and with her
the land opened up to the heat of the blazing orb.
That brings out the buds of seeds already sown,
and into the valley green the flowers bloom,
and the butterflies come in a haze of purple and blue,
and you know that the winter has ended,
and it is time to sing a merry tune.

– The Elusive Scribe 020513-



Of Tall Tales and Giants

Here’s something that I made last year. It literally just popped in my head. 😀

You told me there was a giant in the yard
I looked but I did not see
You laughed out loud and told me to look long and
I did but wondered why your eyes were full of glee.

You mischievous child I say
there is no giant and never will be
they are long gone and won’t even stay
to which you laughed and wondered how could that

You said the giant was wearing a coat of green
with hands like branches hidden with leaves
I scoffed and said that that is our evergreen
rising high beyond our roof’s eaves.

You sighed and said the giant is here and waiting
for what i asked and you said, for you to see him
For some reason I trembled but went on with my
until you fell asleep and mumbled, “you’ll see him.”

– The Elusive Scribe 121012 –


Traveling Snowmen

Christmas is just around the corner and here I am playing with my sister’s camera. She has some snowmen in her garden that I played with because I needed some reprieve from my writing. I call this photo shoot “The Traveling Snowmen”. 😀

Mr. Blue

Mr: Blue: What is this place?

Mr. Blue: “What is this place? I don’t remember the North Pole being this leafy.”


Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Mr. Blue? Where are you Mr. Blue?”

Tiny the Snowman lost sight of Mr. Blue. I heard him passing by and caught a snap of him in between leaves.


Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Mr.Blue! Finally, I found you!”

The kiddo seems so happy he finally found the older Mr.Blue.


Mr. Blue

Mr.Blue: “Come along, sonny. We have a long way to go.”

Mr. Blue said in a muffled way, “Come along, sonny. We have a long way to go. We can’t stop unless unless you want us to thaw.”

Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Coming Mr. Blue. Boy, this place sure looks strange. I thought we’d be blanketed in white.”

I hate to tell Tiny the Snowman that here in the tropics there is no snow. At least he won’t melt like what Mr. Blue thinks. 🙂