If I could chase those shadows that flit and float
behind those dark brooding eyes of yours,
I will capture them and disperse them into the light
to banish the hidden pains and hurts that I saw
as I gaze upon the naked truth I read from your eyes.

If I could take away the doubts and fears that fill your heart,
I will gladly rip them from their tenacious hold
then mend the scars they leave behind.
With caring and loving hands I bear
until the bleeding stops and you’re ready to heal.

If I could remove the sadness that you bear on stooped shoulders,
I will cast them aside so you can look up with a smile.
For I know the burdens you carry are heavy,
but need I remind you that you’re never alone
no matter how you push me aside?

-The Elusive Scribe 062613-


Run Away


There is nothing holding me back
so I will run as fast as I can
to your open arms that I know
will hold me and never let me go.
I will fly away from this world
that grief and pain have rocked,
only to ride the waves of time
until I find my way to you.
For in your arms I feel secure,
and upon your chest I learned
that there is a heart that beats
for me and me alone.
Ask me to run away with you,
and I will not look back,
no strings or ropes will tie me down,
for this journey that I am taking,
is the one that I will only make with you.

-The Elusive Scribe 062613-



Ikaw ang umagang nais kong masilayan
at ang gabi’y para sa ating mga pusong nagmamahalan.
Ang iyong liwanag ang syang pupukaw
sa dilim na bumabalot sa aking isipan
at syang gagabay sa akin palapit
sa iyong mga nakaabang na mga kamay.
Ang aking takbuhan, ang aking tahanan,
sa piling mo’y ibibigay ang aking kalayaan,
at ang pangakong walang ibang hahagkan
‘pagkat ang puso kong minsan nang nasaktan,
ay sa iyo natutong magmahal ng walang hanggan.


You are the morning that I wish to wake up to
and the night is for our hearts that love.
Your light will be the one to banish
the darkness that wraps my mind
and will guide me closer to your hands
that are already reaching out.
You are the one I run to, my home,
and with you I will give my freedom,
and the promise that there is no one else I’ll kiss,
for this heart that got hurt before
because of you learned to love forevermore.

-eamarifosque 062513-


On a Sunless Day


No words are said on this sunless day,
where shadows loom and the lights have gone dim.
Just a trail of tears smudged by fingers,
shaking off fears, damning the weeks,
that made her feel as if she’s forever alone.
Confusion comes to rattle her brain,
conjuring doubts to cloud her mind.
A scream forms from the depths of her soul,
crying for release, begging to be free.
Yet trapped in her sadness she remains,
wrapped in a shroud of misery until the end of her days.

-The Elusive Scribe 062513-


Paragraphs in Photographs


There are hidden words and worlds with every press of the shutter,
capturing split second images that were sure to be forgotten.
Hiding behind the camera lens we can still create,
hundreds of stories that were meant to be written,
but not by words alone but by images so lively and vivid.
For each glance, each gesture, each backdrop we take,
contains their own little stories that can be read in so many ways.
There are always paragraphs in photographs we take,
hidden in plain sight for knowing eyes to see
how to view the world in a different light.
Seeing images but reading paragraphs in between,
the power of photographs and hidden words combined.

-eamarifosque 062413-


No Goodbyes


There will be no goodbyes between us,
only partings with a smile and a quick embrace.
Goodbyes sound like forever,
just like memories as they start to fade.
Our kisses will not be of longing,
but of hope pressed by lips upon lips.

There will be no goodbyes between us,
no tears shall cascade down our cheeks.
Our eyes will not glisten with sorrow
but burn with the faith that we have,
that our love will cover great distances,
and grow even when we are miles apart.

There will be no goodbyes between us
for partings aren’t always that happy.
So I will wait with bated breath
and with hope fluttering in my heart
that the road you will be walking one of these days
shall be the road that will lead you back home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 062413-


Don’t Steal the Light


don’t steal the light from me,
with your dark thoughts that lie heavy
and brooding on your shoulders.
for i am lost without it.
the light in me i cling to with hope,
lest i succumb to my own shadows
that linger on the edges of my mind.

don’t steal the light from me,
for this is the comfort i wrap myself with
when the nights are long and i’m on my own
with you far away from me.
this light that i draw strength from
as i falter in my desire to be strong
when doubts start to come and invade my very being.

don’t steal the light from me,
with your careless and hurtful words
that you inflict so thoughtlessly.
i am human and words can slice through me,
breaking carefully constructed walls
that i build to protect the light
that i keep within.

don’t steal the light from me,
for i cannot let the darkness swallow
what’s left of my positivity.
the days will only go longer,
when the shadows come and take me
for it will be long before i find my way back to the
place where i found the real me.

-The Elusive Scribe 062213-


by your side


i will lie by your side and watch you deep in sleep,
loving the way my hands cradle your head as you
put your trust in me.
these moments when everything is right with the
just the two of us, loving every single moment that
our hearts have in store for us.
until the morrow comes and we’ll go back to a world
where we can’t do anything but be apart,
waiting for the end that we often speak of in dreams,
where we are the ones who will write our happy

-eamarifosque 062413-


heart shaped moon


there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
a tribute to lost lovers old and new,
reminding them of whom they loved and lost,
reasons why they now feel so alone.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
that gazes down upon tear steaked faces,
offering comfort in its gentle light,
as it shines brightly beyond the shadows of the night.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
that brings together lonely souls adrift,
fingers tracing surfaces with intimate familiarity,
until their outlines become imprinted in memory.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
touching lovers, fueling hope and desire,
stirring passion from the ashes of forgetfulness,
until fire ignites and consumes them to eternity.

-The Elusive Scribe 061913-


Own the Night


we shall own the night, tonight of all nights,
we will make it listen to our beating hearts.
the fires we shall conjure will banish the shadows
and we will play in its heat as it sears
the very essence of our being as we collide
like the distant stars in the horizon.
we shall own the night and make it last,
until we have satisfied our hungry hearts,
with the things that we crave the most,
the touch and feel of desire that course through us.
as we gaze up into the starry backdrop of this night
where we shall belong to one another
both in body and soul until the night slowly dwindles
and fade into nothingness.

-eamarifosque 061513-