wordless are the lips
that once used to spill
poetic verses
to your waiting ears

as the night deepens
just like the kiss
that intimate bliss
shared by two hearts

under the watching stars
that cradle the moon
wrapped in the shadows
of clouds passing by

wordless are the lips
that once whispered your name
like a prayer
reverent in nature

as eyes meet eyes
gazing with longing
for that single moment
for our worlds to collide

sparks igniting
the hunger that burns
from within
wanting to be free

wordless are the lips
as thoughts no longer form
in the mind as your image
no longer calls it home

just like the heart
that you used to hold
now bereft of the warmth
your loving hands gave

until the time you chose
to leave this soul in tears
watching your shadow
in silence disappear

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 041414-









I see you standing there
waiting to be consumed by eyes that see
the loneliness that you wear
like a mantle draped heavily on your shoulders.
I can taste your sorrow that drips
from your mouth with every word that you say
a bitterness that needs to be dispelled
by the touch of sweetness these lips could bring.
If only you’d let me come closer,
welcome you in these arms of mine.
I’l take away the anger and build up the hunger,
just a taste is all it will take
for the fire to start burning into our souls,
consuming every thought, every hurt
until the screams of our shadows break
the infinite silence of the stars that are out tonight.

-The Elusive Scribe 020714-



There is magic in the words your lips do utter
into the night where our shadows reside,
with the flames from the candles our only lights
reflected back within the deep pools of our eyes.
Your whispered words that get carried by the wind
trail goosebumps on flesh as your breath descends,
a spell to remove the chains that bind the fire
setting it free to course through cold skin that waits
for your touch to ignite the desire within
letting it loose and unbound on waiting silken sheets.

-eamarifosque 121513-


Fingers painting different paths to wonderland,
on smooth roads hold sacred by lips pressing kisses
to blushing flesh that burns bright as day,
with every reverent kiss placed on thirsting land
for that fiery touch only your fingertips can bring.
Exploring hands that leave invisible marks,
binding and branding both this heart and soul,
sealed with passion and desire combined,
until we reach the highest peak of our love divine.

-eamarifosque 092413-


Never enough

The day is never enough to reveal what my heart secretly feels,
for the one who holds it in the palms of his hands as night closes in.
The feelings bottled up, afraid to be revealed,
lest they show how fragile this heart can be.

The day is never enough to show you what you mean to me,
that with my every waking moment your face is all I see.
And before I close my eyes and fall asleep,
your image I conjure to bring in my dreams with me.

The day is never enough to tell you the things I want to say,
because I’m afraid that when I do I’ll spill everything.
The words are there but my lips won’t part,
for guarding my heart is all that I can think of.

The day is never enough to give you all the love I can give,
for time is an enemy I cannot win against.
My hands have a lot to offer you if only you hold them with your own,
and if we could wait for the night together,I promise I’ll tell you all.

-The Elusive Scribe 092413-



Your lips that kiss cold cheeks tonight
shall be a boon to soul seeking its rightful home,
upon the heaven where freedom lies
from flesh and all its earthly ties.

Your hands shall beckon from the darkness
souls seeking rest,
from their weary travels upon this earth,
and by your leave they’ll go on a final trip
to a place where they once belong.

-The Elusive Scribe 091613-


Remember Your Name

I remember your name
the same one I’ve etched on my chamber walls.
Your name that my lips often speak of,
and pray that one day you’ll hear my call.

Your name I never knew I’ll learn to love,
even from afar you’re the one I think of.
There is no escape from this that I know of,
but why would I even run away?

The way your name rolls from my lips is perfect,
for it’s spoken with all the love I bear
for the one who brought reason to my life,
surprising me from the darkness where I lie.

It’s your name that lights my world
the reason why I want to wake up in the morn,
because I know you’ll be around.
And if I could hold the time just to keep you close,
I would be holding it hostage so you won’t have to go.

I remember your name
even when I close my eyes at night
for it’s the same name my dreams yearn for,
when darkness opens my bedroom door.
I would snuggle under the covers holding your name in my heart,
for every beat it gives is always for you,
hoping that one day yours will beat for my name too.

-The Elusive Scribe 091613-


if your lips falter on its way to mine,
i will rescue it with a kiss of my own,
where its touch will seal this love sublime,
and bring it back to its rightful home.
where it will not be wasted or forgotten,
but instead planted deep within the heart,
where it will be cultivated until it blooms
unfurling beauty perfected by time.

-eamarifosque 091113-


There’s a thousand pictures of you
flying in my head,
those moments that we spent together,
every glance, every smile, every touch,
all dancing in my head.

There’s a thousand words I’ve yet to say,
still clinging to lips unsaid,
wanting to say with every kiss I can give
to your lips I’ve been wanting to taste.

There’s a thousand songs running in my head,
songs I wish I can sing to you,
as I cradle your head in my arms
where you rightly belong.

There’s a thousand reasons why I’m in love with you,
but only one I keep coming back to,
you’re the coolest cat I know,
and one I’ll love forever more.

-The Elusive Scribe 082613-


Lost In You


I want to get lost in you,
in your embrace that I miss the most.
I don’t want to suffer in silence anymore,
I want to be kissed by your lips right now.
I want to get lost in you,
I want to hide under the covers with you.
You are the world I want to call my own,
the one that I won’t mind getting lost in,
under the sheets where I can discover
the different sides of you.
I want to get lost in you,
to call you my own.
I want to lose myself in the words you speak,
the words I know that make my heart beats.
I want to get lost in you,
my love, my darling, my heart.
Come to me tonight and let me get lost in you.

-eamarifosque 082113-