Empty Streets

I hear the soft tapping
of my heels on cracked pavement.
Garbage littering the corners
of darkened side streets,
reminiscent of the troubled thoughts
that haunt the edges of my mind.

I can feel eyes watching me
as I slowly make my way
past the downtrodden buildings
with their broken windows
and silent glares accusing.

Why was I here?

They ask of me as I walked
a shadow amongst shadows,
yet no answer escaped
from sealed lips
and bowed head
but a breath of sigh
gone in the moonlight

Buildings now behind
lamplight flickering
making my shadows dance
still pondering the music
the beats of my footfalls
on cobbled streets
finding that rhythm
a song that can resonate
penetrate, ennervate

yet the streets remain silent
unyielding in their gaze
embraced by the shadows

and so I walked
and walked
unnerved by this
the silence of the streets
as my heels tattooed on the
cold, hard surface
the same streets where
I used to walk in sunshine
enveloped in perfume permeating
the air
as passersby walk here and there

but tonight there is nothing
not a peep, nor a creep
no whispers or murmurs
just me on empty streets
with silence to accompany me

even my footfalls
start to fade


Is It Possible?

Is it possible

for you to love

the darkness that

seeps in between

the chips and cracks

and tears and scars

left behind by

sorrow and anger

hatred and despair

the wrath that swirls

in kaleidoscope colors

fading into the bowels

of dreams, restless

as the night dreaming

the darkness that seeks

not of redemption

but of light, the warmth

of love that graces

the pale hues

of the morn

catching glimpses

of fading starlight