All It Takes







all it takes is a touch
a smile that reaches the eyes
to banish the darkness that lies
hidden deep inside the mind.
a touch to heal, a smile to give
hope eternal to a soul that needs
saving from the sins that pull
down, down into the abyss below.

-The Elusive Scribe 011514-


poet divine come and whisper to me
the words that were meant to free,
this tortured soul from chains that bound,
its hollow heart left forgotten.
let the words you conjure speak the truth,
let their magic work, make them true,
these chains that bound and chafe
scarred surface, heal them now.
poet lay your words against this skin,
let them penetrate deep within,
cure the poison left by honeyed tongue,
that is slowly killing this soul of mine.
poet come for i am waiting,
hear my plight, give me your mercy,
unravel these chains that tighten,
drawing blood, draining life,
say the words and seal them in a kiss,
return to me my lost heart and soul.

-eamarifosque 082913-


Something I wrote a few years ago. 😀 And yes, it doesn’t have a title. I’m not really good in giving titles.

traitorous heart
that beats within
treacherous heart
that lies within
speak softly…
this body’s wrecked
and wasted…
this soul needs its
rest unhurried…
let it be for now…
let it rest…
let it heal…

-The Elusive Scribe 061407-


heaven is already buried in darkness and light,
dark clouds hover with flashes of lightning in between,
yet in the threatening storm we sit and wait,
for the tears of heaven to start falling from the skies,
to wash away our pains and drain away all our sorrows.
for tonight we shall heal all the wounds we suffer from,
in this life we lead where doubts and fears we are riddled with.
for tomorrow is a new day where we can start to hope,
and wear a smile instead of the cursed frown we make.

-The Elusive Scribe 062913-


If I could chase those shadows that flit and float
behind those dark brooding eyes of yours,
I will capture them and disperse them into the light
to banish the hidden pains and hurts that I saw
as I gaze upon the naked truth I read from your eyes.

If I could take away the doubts and fears that fill your heart,
I will gladly rip them from their tenacious hold
then mend the scars they leave behind.
With caring and loving hands I bear
until the bleeding stops and you’re ready to heal.

If I could remove the sadness that you bear on stooped shoulders,
I will cast them aside so you can look up with a smile.
For I know the burdens you carry are heavy,
but need I remind you that you’re never alone
no matter how you push me aside?

-The Elusive Scribe 062613-


Shape this Heart


Shape this heart with hands that love
mold it with honesty and care.
Banish the clouds of doubt that formed
replace it with trust forevermore.
Heal the wounds sustained in grief
patch them up with kisses sweet.
Open doors barred from within
bring back the light long hidden.
Stem the flow of precious tears that fall
entice a smile on bowed lips.
Hold this heart in hands that care
for it is fragile and can easily disappear.


-The Elusive Scribe 041713-


Beautiful You


Come closer and let me see,
the wounds you are carrying deep.
Let me heal the broken pieces,
and make you whole once more.

You’ve carried scars to forever,
but you are mine to care for and heal.
With patience and love I’ll stitch
the parts of you you don’t want to see.

Don’t be afraid to show me,
the darkness hiding behind your eyes.
I will be here by your side,
for you will always be beautiful to me.


– The Elusive Scribe 041513-


What’s A Little


What’s a little pain every now and then?
Even when you bleed, wounds do heal.
Scars can get left behind
along with their memories,
but the pain you can keep inside,
under a lock and key.

What’s a little hurt from time to time?
You’re alive hence you feel.
But the hurt can disappear if you allow it to,
and replace it with something better,
even when you feel like there is nothing
that will make you smile once more.

What’s a little bit of goodbyes,
when lovers go their separate ways?
When the morrow might bring a bit of rainbow
after the rain?
Bringing solace after all the hurt and pain.



-eamarifosque 041113-




My heart has been wounded by a love that went
yet you came and patched it good with some
band-aids and a few quick kisses.
I thought I wouldn’t get over the pain,
yet you showed me how flawed this thinking was.
Everybody gets hurt and they die a little bit,
when the love they nurture withered inside.
But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a willing heart
and hands that know how to heal.

My heart is slowly mending, your band-aids did the
yet I will keep them for the meantime,
to remind me that wounds can heal if only I let
someone come closer and care for them.
And perhaps in the process find something more
than healing hands like love unsuspecting.

– eamarifosque 040113-