rapidly sinking into the depths of despair
bound by your chains of betrayal
this soul you’ve condemned to agony
scrambles to the surface as waves keep crashing
dragging it down relentlessly in their embrace
easily discarded like an afterthought
dropping down into the abysmal darkness
where light and warmth are barred from entering
bubbles of pain escape from parted lips
the tears blend with the watery silence
where only the slow beating of anger can be heard

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 061414-


Trail of Words





let me write a trail of words
that speak what’s in my heart
read them well and pray do tell
if you feel the same way too.

can’t stop the words from pouring
from lips to hands before mingling
with the blackest of inks that shape
these emotions that rage within.

let me write then in words
the truth that this heart yearns to speak
that in the chaos it learns to love still
the beauty in this madness that you bring.

can’t fight the flow of words
i guess i don’t even want to
it’s the only way for me to reach you
speaking in silence from a distance.

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 012814-


A Wish for Silence









sometimes you wish for the silence
that stillness where you can be alone
with your thoughts to sift through
trying to unravel the knots that form
in the sea of doubts and self-deprecation.

sometimes the silence can be a friend
when you feel that you’ve lost the horizon
drifting without direction, without course
unsure of where to drop your heavy anchor
as the waves keep crashing and crashing.

sometimes in the silence comes clarity
a flash of light in the midst of darkness
the chaos that runs rampant becomes peaceful
a sigh of contentment, a smile will bloom
and all is right with the world once more.

-The Elusive Scribe 012114-


Pain in Real Love

Can pain exist in something beautiful
like real love bestowed with innocence?
Can it lay waste the blossoming garden
where seeds of hope and dreams were planted?
Can pain break the melodic laughter
and replace it with ringing silence?
Can it harden the softest of hearts
and turn it into an unforgiving stone?
Can pain dampen the fire bursting inside,
leaving behind nothing but ashes?
Can it darken once bright eyes
and cause rivers of tears to flow?
Can pain be embedded within the joy of loving,
then break out like thorns on roses?
Can it silence the words that often flow
from lips that love has taught to speak?
Can pain take over the light that burns
and bring with it the shadows of despair?
Can it chill the blood that flows,
and numb body, mind and soul?

-The Elusive Scribe 113013-



I do not deserve your icy silence
that chills the flesh and kills the soul.
I don’t deserve this loneliness
that you’re putting me through.
I’ve done nothing to warrant such treatment
but here I am suffering from your misplaced silence.
I don’t recall ever leaving you in the dark,
since all I’ve ever wanted was to bring you some light,
yet you remain indifferent to the pain you cause,
a steady nothing from you hurts me to the core.
How easy it is for you to retreat in silence,
knowing that there’s someone out there waiting for your call.
How quickly you forget that I’ve always been here for you,
don’t you know you’re breaking me apart,
with your never ending silence that cuts ever so deep,
slowly severing ties that bind
me to you and you to me?

-The Elusive Scribe 100613-