Distilled Spirit







Distilled Spirit

Burn this screaming soul
along with the darkness and the light
let the flames rise and consume
flesh enveloped in scars of time

Strip away forgotten sins
remove the lies from this weakend spirit
disperse the doubts and fears
find the innocence within

-©The Elusive Scribe 041514-


All It Takes







all it takes is a touch
a smile that reaches the eyes
to banish the darkness that lies
hidden deep inside the mind.
a touch to heal, a smile to give
hope eternal to a soul that needs
saving from the sins that pull
down, down into the abyss below.

-The Elusive Scribe 011514-


Complete Me

i thought it would be best
to seek the other half of me
among the sea of faces
that i often see.

i kept on searching
hoping that i will find
the one among the crowd
who can complete me.

i met with strangers
exchanged a word or two
and yet there was no one
to fill this growing hole.

i wandered far from home
seeking the one to call my own
days and nights have passed
and still i’m  all alone.

i think there is something wrong
with me or so i thought
but i found something else
that cured my aching soul.

i found myself as i walked alone
amidst the torments i stood strong
never faltering but determined till the end
i realized i only need myself to be complete.

-The Elusive Scribe 010614-



sinking slowly in troubled waters,
soft current tugging persistently
on hands muddied by the sins of yesterday,
softening hardened heart until clean
washing away scars left by falling crystal tears
renew this soul as it takes a fall
into your cold, cold embrace
strip away the aches and pains
with your scalding iciness that burns
leave nothing but innocence lost
and give birth to a new soul.

-The Elusive Scribe 101013-



I do not deserve your icy silence
that chills the flesh and kills the soul.
I don’t deserve this loneliness
that you’re putting me through.
I’ve done nothing to warrant such treatment
but here I am suffering from your misplaced silence.
I don’t recall ever leaving you in the dark,
since all I’ve ever wanted was to bring you some light,
yet you remain indifferent to the pain you cause,
a steady nothing from you hurts me to the core.
How easy it is for you to retreat in silence,
knowing that there’s someone out there waiting for your call.
How quickly you forget that I’ve always been here for you,
don’t you know you’re breaking me apart,
with your never ending silence that cuts ever so deep,
slowly severing ties that bind
me to you and you to me?

-The Elusive Scribe 100613-


Show me the way to your heart, guide me with your hands,
let me open the door to your soul, i promise i’ll be gentle with you.
You are a mystery that mystifies me, a puzzle I want to solve.
If you’ll but open yourself to me, I’ll do my best to figure you out.
You carry scars like the rest of us, but yours I’ll try to heal,
with loving hands to banish pain, and soothe your wounds with kisses sweet.
I’ll let you rest your weary head, close your eyes I’ll keep you safe.
In the circle of my arms, I’ll let you sleep,
so when you wake up, I’ll be the first one you’ll see.
Even if your world is falling, I’ll be here and I’ll hold on,
you’re not alone, never at all, for I’ll be here for you.

-eamarifosque 092613-



Your lips that kiss cold cheeks tonight
shall be a boon to soul seeking its rightful home,
upon the heaven where freedom lies
from flesh and all its earthly ties.

Your hands shall beckon from the darkness
souls seeking rest,
from their weary travels upon this earth,
and by your leave they’ll go on a final trip
to a place where they once belong.

-The Elusive Scribe 091613-


Something I wrote a few years ago. 😀 And yes, it doesn’t have a title. I’m not really good in giving titles.

traitorous heart
that beats within
treacherous heart
that lies within
speak softly…
this body’s wrecked
and wasted…
this soul needs its
rest unhurried…
let it be for now…
let it rest…
let it heal…

-The Elusive Scribe 061407-


Under the Rain

I shall stand under the rain,
letting its waters cool me down.
I have so many hurts within
that need to be washed away.
I will let my hair get wet,
and my cloathes soaked,
and hope that the waters penetrate
and clean my dirtied soul.
I will stand under the rain
with my head bowed,
letting the water course down
along with the tears that leak from my eyes.
I will stand still and in silence,
hoping that the deluge will cover me whole,
sweeping away my loneliness
and making me whole once more.

-The Elusive Scribe 081913-


Walking on Fragile Glass


Walking barefoot on fragile glass
carefully treading this brittle road
while weighed down with a heavy heart
carrying burdens by the hundreds.
a wrong step can cause cracks to appear
on this mirror like road reflecting
life and all its traps to ensnare
a soul alone and wandering,
on unchartered roads leading
to nowhere, somewhere, anywhere
but here.

-The Elusive Scribe 070213-