Sunshine and Moonbeam

Who would have thought that there will come a time when I will be collaborating with one of the best artists I’ve ever known. Dear followers, it is official. I have a blog that I’ve set up with my older sister who is truly a gifted person and what we want to achieve here is to give you a source of inspiration.

Sunshine and Moonbeam, as we call our blog, represents the two sides of us. I am the day and she is the night. And by combining our love for writing and the arts we figured that we can work together as a team to bring some form of inspiration to our readers. This blog will represent the positive things we’ve learned along this journey called life and other nuggets of gold we’ve picked up along the way.

So, if you have the time to take a peek at our new blog, please do so. We’ll greatly appreciate your effort and the time it took you to read our works. 🙂 Feel free to leave a bit of yourself too because your comments will be our source of inspiration too.

Here’s my sister’s poem for your enjoyment: Perfect.

Much love to everyone!



Poet come hither and let me hear,
the words that flow from your mouth to my ear.
Let me be your muse for the night,
and I will gladly pay you for this delight,
for the verses that flow from your mind,
are like honeyed nectar without kind.

Poet come nearer and whisper to me,
the verses you’ve written for my eyes to see.
I’ll touch them with love and reverence,
for they bring me comfort with such benevolence.
You see I crave for the passion derived from thee,
when you speak in stanzas on love so free.



Summer Sun

Blinded by the Sun

Blinded by the Sun

Summer sun, summer sun
be dazzling my dearest summer sun.
Bathe me in your golden, glistening glow,
envelope me in your deliciously, delightful warmth,
from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Summer sun, summer sun
be the ever watchful sentinel that wakes me
from my deepest, most peaceful slumber.
Nudge me to full wakefulness to enjoy your swift embrace
as you burn the skies with all your glorified beauty.



Excited for this month’s webinar. 😀

Penned Stuff

I’m excited for Freelance Writers’ Guild of the Philippines and Conversologie‘s webinar session this month entitled “Complete Blueprint to Search Engine Success” by Steve Knight. Since this is the first time I will be attending a live webinar, this short video presentation is a good place for me to start learning how things go around a webinar. Hope it helps you too. 🙂

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A Woman, Yours and Only

Treat her right and you might find
something you’ve never expected.
A woman tamed yet has fire within.
A slave, a mistress, a lover, a friend.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Shower her with your love and you might find
her lips quick to smile with impish delight.
A woman waiting to be satisfied.
A mortal, a vixen, a temptress, a sinner.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Show her what it is like to love
and you’ll never forget how she responds.
A woman cold yet brimming with passion.
A wildling, a burning ember, a jewel, a priceless treasure.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
For she’s a woman, yours and only.